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Our library offers a wide range of materials for learning German as a foreign language. This means grammar, vocabulary, and easy reading materials tailored to your level as well as exam preparation materials. 

Gruppenarbeit in der Bibliothek Foto: Ary Rustandi © Goethe-Institut Bandung

In addition to our selection of books to learn German as a foreign language, we have card games to help you expand your vocabulary, books for children and young adults, and graphic novellas that make it easier for you to understand the text through images.

We invite you to use our cozy self-learning area. Here, for example, you can boost your listening comprehension of German as a foreign language using our audio media. 

Lernmaterialien zum Deutschlernen und zur Prüfung © Goethe-Institut Bandung If you want to prepare for the Goethe Certificate exam, feel free to borrow materials from our exam preparation collection offering a wide range of books, audio CDs and DVDs.

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