Concert urban string: scanners

Ensemble Resonanz Foto: Tobias Schult © Ensemble Resonanz

02.02.2017, 8 PM

Anders Hören with Ensemble Resonanz and Dea

In its own venue Resonanzraum in the heart of Hamburg’s famous district St. Pauli, Ensemble Resonanz is making different musical ends meet in their concert series urban string on a monthly basis. Now, urban string is touring to Southeast Asia for the first time introducing the audience to a vibrant mix of classical and electronic sound. Every urban string night is different. Each concert of the series is based on a carefully selected live program that draws parallels between music from the 17th, 18th century and very contemporary compositions. These parallels may not exist on paper but are coming across in the stories told by the musicians of the ensemble, who are hosting the concert themselves, engaging in a dialogue with the audience and introducing the pieces they play. But the program not only brings together old and new, but also classical and electronic music. Each concert of the Southeast Asia tour urban string showcases a local guest DJ who adds up to the story. Not a service DJ who will play “lounge music”, but a music archaeologists who contributes a unique and local character to the evening.

In Jakarta Dea will be joining the Ensemble Resonanz for the concert, adding to the concert his very unique flavor of ‘70s disco music and psychedelic rock.

Ensemble Resonanz
With its unique programme, enthusiasm and artistic quality, Ensemble Resonanz ranks as one of the world’s leading chamber orchestras. In innovative programmes, the musicians bridge the gap between tradition and the present time. Their lively interpretation of old masterpieces in dialogue with contemporary compositions often leads to unusual and surprising insights.

Aradea Barandana, known as Dea, developed his love of ‘70s disco, psychedelic rock and world music in Jakarta, where he grew up. Soon after moving to London in 2003 to study sound design and music composition, he became a resident DJ at East Gallery Bar, the first of many international appearances in places such as Tokyo, Oslo, Stockholm and Bali. He is currently a resident DJ at Potato Head Bali.

About Anders Hören
With the Anders Hören (Listening differently) series of concerts the Goethe-Institut has embarked on a journey of discovery in South-East Asia to explore new ways to adopt and promote classical music. More and more musicians and orchestras in Germany are getting involved in presenting classical music outside the traditional context of concerts and are looking for new formats to engage their audiences. Audience members are responding enthusiastically and are keen to embrace these brand-new ways to encounter classical music. In 2015 the series started with violinst Mirijam Contzen, who was playing 'concerts in the dark', in a pitch-black concert hall. 2016, the Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra and DJ Brezel Göring travelled throughout South-East Asia with their format Barock Lounge and presented a new approach to connect early music and electro. In February 2017, Ensemble Resonanz is visiting six Southeast Asian cities. In collaboration with local DJs they present their urban string programme and swap the concert hall with an authentic club atmosphere.

Free Entry to Immigrant Lounge & Club for this event will only apply between 7 PM until 10 PM. Please note after this time frame, starting from 10.01 PM, the usual fees for entering Immigrant Lounge & Club apply.