Conversation Keep the Cities Rolling

Keep the Cities Rolling Groupe Dejour

7.30 - 8.30 PM


Imagining the development and organization of living together in urban spaces with Kamil Muhammad and Ayos Purwoaji

The megapolitan cities of the world became Covid-19 distribution centers. Covid-19 puts a spotlight on the problems of urban areas, problems that were considered normal, were deliberately ignored or even hidden. The virtually infinite flow of human travel complicates the matter. Urban growth should be in synch with rural growth and agriculture to balance population density and ensure basic living standards that provide clean water, housing, and health facilities. The pandemic and how it has been handled to date broaden our discussion. This involves dealing not only with public health but also the economic disparities caused by structural discrimination.

How do we imagine living together in urban spaces in the middle of a pandemic? What changes in mindset and action should we accelerate?

To discuss these questions and other matters regarding living space and the way to live, we invite those in the field of architecture and observers from Jakarta and Surabaya to participate in BINGKIS. Architecture houses us and is integral to society. Architects have not only formal knowledge about their scientific disciplines but are also well versed in the dynamics of society —their operative context.

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