Workshop Workshop: Plantasia - Music For Plants

Workshop: Plantasia - Music For Plants © Widian Lesmana

2 - 5 PM

Urban Organik Farm

A participatory exploration of the connection between music and plants.

Music, sounds and tone compositions indirectly affect the feelings, atmosphere and even the interactions to the listener. Usually human can feel and react to the effects of music and how is the other living creatures specially plants. Can the plant also feel or react to the effect? When we caring for the plants, we need to consider some things like sunlight, water content, fertilizer, growing medium and atmosphere. For this reason, as a musician, Bottlesmoker composes the tones with a certain frequency, which is hopefully have a good effect for plants.
With the experience of Bottlesmoker and support from the Sedekah Benih project, Goethe-Institut Bandung invites musicians, plant enthusiast and practitioners in the field of plants to participate in the workshop, Music for Plants. The workshop will see and collect data on the occasion of addressing the use of music for plants. In the workshop, participants explore and collaborate their skills and knowledge in the use of music for plants. The outcome of the workshop is a composition of sounds that can be played or used by both plant enthusiast and adopters of seeds in Sedekah Benih project. Then participants will post the tracking of the development of the plants on their social media.
Open Call of workshop: Plantasia - Musik untuk Tanaman for musicians, plant enthusiast, practitioners in the field of plants and domiciled in Bandung and surrounding areas. Please send the form below and CV to with the subjek "OPEN CALL Workshop: Plantasia – Musik untuk Tanaman” at the latest on 30th September, 2021 at 23.59 WIB.
Bottlesmoker is an electronic music duo/group project by Anggung Suherman (Angkuy) & Ryan Adzani (Nobie), both of whom are music producers, film score composers, lecturers and sound designers. In creating their pieces, they focus on exploring local rhythms and on objects around them, from rhythms of traditional art forms to plants as sound media to be combined through electronic music. Bottlesmoker’s exploration of musical genres ranges from tribal music to techno, pacific vibes to psychedelic, and even downtempo to ambient.
Sedekah Benih is a collaborative project between artist Vincent Rumahloine and environmental activist Mang Dian, which combines art, design, activism, science, music, technology and traditional ecological knowledge. The project uses a gamification approach, involving participants from various backgrounds in a series of activities. The aim of Sedekah Benih is to preserve traditional ecological knowledge, to generate appreciation for tiis leungeun (a call to people who excel at working with plants), and to connect people through food. Sedekah Benih aims to extract and preserve the traditional knowledge of tiis leungeun through an interdisciplinary art project.