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Hiberno Goethe: German Irish Conversations© Goethe-Institut Irland

Podcast Hiberno Goethe

This Podcast dives into the many colours of arts, language and life across cultures. St. Pauli fan and former Düsseldorfer Ciarán Murray and his guests explore the connecting moments of German and Irish life. What do musicians, dancers, artists, writers pick up from either culture? How are they inspired and enriched by the other? For all listeners who like to go and think beyond borders.


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Episode 1 Hiberno Goethe: Sharon Carty
Ciarán chats with mezzo soprano singer Sharon Carty. We first hear how she went from PE teacher to opera singer and about her growing up with country music, Willie Nelson and ‘Wailing’ Jennings! They chat about encountering German at school, and the grammar, the ‘Der, die, das, die’, and how her love of the language grew, especially as she began to sing opera in German. They drift into talking about performing, and the amazing frocks and making sure that you always have a spare dress. They talk about how her experience of living in Vienna and Frankfurt differs from life in Ireland, and about how opera is perceived differently in these countries. Sharon tells how some of the Lieder (the opera songs) come from poetry, sometimes very moving poems, and she reads a beautiful poem Winterabend, by Karl Gottfried von Leitner. 

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Intro Episode Hiberno Goethe: Oya Demirci
Ciarán Murray speaks to Goethe-Institut Irland head librarian Oya Demirci. They chat about music, food, dancing, books, James Joyce of course, and the inspiration and impact of living across different cultures. Oya talks about her idea for the series, and the plans for upcoming guests who have one foot in German culture and the other foot in Irish culture.
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