Career with German

Several young school students sit next to each other on a sofa and read. The pictures in the ‘YOUNG LEARNERS’ series show groups of young learners - children and teenagers - who are having fun with education, learning and the German language. ©

German makes the difference! Knowing German significantly increases your chances of finding a good job: not only internationally, on the large German-speaking labour market, but also here in Ireland. We have put together a wide range of learning programmes for young German learners on the subject of German and work.

Career Roadshow

What (career) opportunities are available if you learn German at school or study it at university? Our career roadshows offer pupils and students an insight into the relevance of German in professional life with a multifaceted programme.

Several young students sitting around a table reading information material. © Blue Forest Photography

  • View from above of an event room with stands and several people © Goethe-Institut London
  • Group of female school students: Students exchanging ideas © Goethe-Institut London
  • Two school students stand in front of a wheel of fortune and talk to each other © Goethe-Institut London

Further Information

Would you like to expand your network and get in touch with people who have already studied, worked or attended a language course in Germany? Then you've come to the right place!

On the DAAD Digital Campus you will find lots of information and links to help you prepare for your studies/work in Germany in terms of language, specialised knowledge and culture.

This podcast gives you an insight into the world of work in Germany and covers topics such as do's and don'ts in job interviews, pitfalls in communicating with employers and colleagues and how to find your way around the German labour market.

Together with three pupils, we embark on a German learning journey and discover exciting topics. From music and food to sport and fashion, everything will be covered. No matter what fascinates you about the German language and culture - there's definitely plenty on offer for everyone!

In the podcast "kurz & bündig", experts, scientists and politicians from Germany are interviewed on current topics.

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