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Nora Gomringer

Nora Gomringer (c) Judith Kinitz

Homepage: Nora Gomringer

Follow the link to Nora Gomringer's homepage!

Nora Gomringer © Judith Kinitz

Interview with Nora Gomringer

An interview by Goethe-Institut Sweden with Nora Gomringer.


Travel Tips for Germany

The English Garden in Munich. Photo (detail): Svetlana Kerestely © Goethe-Institut

Summer in Germany

In Australia it's the cold season. And while Aussies wear ugg boots and celebrate Christmas in July, Germans finally ditch their cardigans, jump on their bicycles and gauge on ice-cream. Goethe.de talked to different people around Germany about what the summer season means to them.

Through Germany by remote bus Photo: Andrea Gehwolf

Through Germany by long-distance coach

Since early 2013, long-distance coaches have been carrying passengers within Germany as well. The monopoly was previously held by the Deutsche Bahn for over 70 years. A multimedia bus tour through Germany.

Essen: European Green Capital. The Ruhr is virtually a byword for steelmaking, metalworking and mining. But there is much more to it today than that – especially in the city of Essen. In 2017 Essen was declared a "European Green Capital". Thanks to a host of greening programmes, it is now the third-greenest city in Germany. Historical parks, modern green spaces and an extensive network of cycle paths make for an outstanding recreational experience. However, even today, the highlight of any visit remains the industrial monument and only UNESCO world heritage site in the Ruhr: the Zeche Zollverein colliery. Photo (detail): © picture alliance/dpa/Roland Weihrauch

Undiscovered Germany

As a holiday destination, Germany attracts visitors from all over the world because of its rich cultural and natural heritage. But what does Germany have to offer besides Cologne Cathedral, the Semper Opera House and Schloss Neuschwanstein? Check here to discover sights that you may not have been aware of. 



Bibliotheksnutzerin © Colourbox.com (detail)

Teachers' Library

The Teachers' Library for German as a foreign language offers material for German lessons in primary and secondary schools, in the tertiary area and in adult education.

Practise German online Foto: Shutterstock.com, Rawpixel.com

Practise German free of charge

Learn German together free of charge: Browse tutorials by language ability level and topic, and add them to your own learning list. You will find learning tips and you may share experiences with other users in the forum.

Onleihe © Goethe-Institut Thailand

New Media in the Online Library 17/2018

In our Online library new media are once more available, including the new works of Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Kirsten Fuchs, Marc-Uwe Kling, Carmen Korn, David Schalko, Christian Y. Schmidt.