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Library: Why we came to Dublin

We cordially invite you to celebrate the moving into our library rooms of two exiles Nelly Sachs (1891-1970) and Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956).



Paula Rosolen: “Aerobics” Paula Rosolen: “Aerobics”

Dance, Migration, Cultural Exchange

Dance is movement – and movement over borders also shapes dance. For about 300 years now, travel and migration have had a strong influence on an increasingly globalised dance scene. Our portrait series shows: cultural exchange across and beyond all borders and limitations gives dancers impulses for creative work and enlivens their art.

„Night Fall“ Amsterdams Het Nationale Ballet (2016) © Altin Kaftira

Dance and Immersion: Pointe Shoes and 3D Glasses

How can an audience be seduced? How does it come about that people immerse themselves in foreign worlds with all their senses and succumb body and soul to what happens there?

Mișcarea flashmob globală „One Billion Rising“ protestează față de violența împotriva femeilor. În imaginea de mai sus, un protest din februarie 2018 în orașul olandez Tilburg. Foto (detaliu): © Romy Arroyo Fernandez/picture alliance/NurPhoto/

Dance: Choreography as a form of protest

Politically motivated flash mobs and performances react to current questions of society with popular and contemporary forms of dance.


Artificial Intelligence

Humanoid robots will become more and more like humans as time goes on. But they still have a long way to go. Photo (detail): © picture alliance/Westend61

Humanoid robots knocking at the door

International research networks are working on robots that move, behave and even think more and more like humans. Still, it will be a while before artificial intelligence catches up to us.

Künstliche Intelligenz und künstlerisches Schaffen © Franck V / Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and artistic creation: Fantasising about the loss of control

“Can art be artificial and intelligent at the same time?”, is a question that unfolds a paradox: the hypothetical (according to some) or potential (according to others) intelligence of the non-living. 

Posthumanism © Stefanie Sixt

At the Threshold of a New Era

What ethical, social and political questions arise when automation and artificial intelligence revolutionize the world of work? In the dossier on Posthumanism the Goethe-Institut Canada takes a critical look at these issues.

Yorgos Sapounitzis was artist in residence in The Model as part of the exhibition.Photo: Heike Thiele (detail) © The Model, home of the Niland Collection

studio space and exchange
Artist-in-Residence Programmes

A studio space as well as an exchange with other artists from all around the world – this is what an artist can expect as an Artist in Residence.  Every year artists leave their homes to spend time in a different country and culture and return with new ideas and inspiration. What requirements are to be met and how to apply can be found in this overview of German and Irish artists’ houses. 


Bibliotheksnutzerin © Colourbox.com (detail)

Teachers' Library

The Teachers' Library for German as a foreign language offers material for German lessons in primary and secondary schools, in the tertiary area and in adult education.

Practise German online Foto: Shutterstock.com, Rawpixel.com

Practise German free of charge

Learn German together free of charge: Browse tutorials by language ability level and topic, and add them to your own learning list. You will find learning tips and you may share experiences with other users in the forum.

Onleihe © Goethe-Institut Thailand

New Media in the Online Library 17/2018

In our Online library new media are once more available, including the new works of Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Kirsten Fuchs, Marc-Uwe Kling, Carmen Korn, David Schalko, Christian Y. Schmidt.