Giving Voice to Words (C) Goethe-Institut Irland

Giving Voice to Words

Want to make noise in the library?

Join us for our monthly conversation group, where you are invited to share your opinion and exchange ideas. Choose between English and German as you engage with excerpts from our library collection. Open to everyone, this event is a great opportunity to meet new people and flex your conversational muscles.

How does it work?

The topics of discussion are based on content taken from our library books, both fiction and non-fiction, copies of which will be provided on each table. You will be invited to join a small group (maximum four people), where you will get to know one another by discussing the prepared topics. There will be three topics for the first hour and three for the second. Participants are encouraged to pick among themselves what topics they’d like to discuss; in English, German, or both! Everybody is invited to share their ideas, listen to and be respectful of the offerings from every member of the group.

Giving Voice to Words takes place on a Wednesday, 6 pm, once a month, at our library in 37 Merrion Square. No registration is required and the event is free of charge.

New Book in Town

The New Book in Town is an event series from Goethe-Institut Irland which showcases German language books that have been recently translated into English. German language authors and their translators are invited to our library at 37 Merrion Square to discuss their works, writing, and the translation process from German into English. This is then followed by a Q&A session where the audience can also take part in the conversation.

Focusing on a German book translated into English means the books can be opened up to the audience and include those interested in German literature but who may not (yet) have the level required to read the novel in the original German.

The event is free of charge but registration in advance is recommended. You do not need to have read the book in order to take part in the event. All information on upcoming events can be found in the event calendar.

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