Our Commitment to German

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How do people in different regions of Northwest Europe deal with the issue of "sustainability"? What are the similarities and differences? And, what can we learn from the example of others and adopt for our everyday lives? These are precisely the questions addressed by the project #FutureNow - Schools for Sustainability.

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From 2nd to 9th October 2020, people from all over the country are cordially invited to join us in celebrating the German language and engage in various activities relating to German. Register now with your individual event and be part of #ThinkGerman!

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Network of Secondary and Third Level German Education in Ireland

The Goethe-Institut Irland would now like to continue the work of creating regional networks and encouraging activities or projects to promote German at different levels in the Irish education system.

Our commitment to German Photo: Panthermedia/Viktor Thaut

"Schulen: Partner der Zukunft" initiative

PASCH schools with a particular link to Germany. The Goethe-Institut acts as mentor to around 600 PASCH schools in the national education systems of over 100 countries.

Alumniportal Deutschland

Alumniportal Deutschland is a social network to promote networking between alumni of Germany, companies, universities and organisations.

Europanetzwerk Deutsch

As part of the Europanetzwerk Deutsch programme, the Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut are inviting a selected group of people to an exclusive language course in Germany.