Voices of Memory
Behind the voices

For the sound art installation the names of more than 40,000 names of Irish soldiers, who fought and died during WW I, have been read by almost 200 enthusiastic volunteers during two recording periods. In the installation the listener is confronted with a stream of names, which appears like an eternal flow and, thus, addresses the loss of countless human lives in war. By commemorating ten thousands of Irishmen, who lost their lives in war, the installation also opens up one’s mind for tragic personal stories of people, who often died very young.
During the recordings there were multiple occasions when a volunteer especially requested to read a specific surname or a specific letter in Ireland’s Memorial Records because they had a relative who is listed there. This served as an inspiration for this platform, on which relatives of the Irish soldiers, who died in WW I, have the opportunity to commemorate them by writing down their story and by sharing it here. By doing this, they contribute to the process of remembrance and give insights into the often unknown fates of the ten thousands of soldiers. They help to make sure that their relative’s tragic fate will not sink into oblivion although it was a hundred years ago.
These backgrounds contribute to the already very personal level of the sound art installation, which is a profound response to the tragic loss of numerous lives in war. Here, the stories hidden behind the reading voices of the sound art installation are brought to light.
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