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Summer courses on our website!
Got any summer plans? Why not use the time and learn German?

Whether you are a complete beginner who wants to make a quick start, or you are a student who wants to brush up before going into Senior Cycle, the Goethe Institute Irland has the right offer for you:

There will be a 12-week A1 intensive class, a two-week A2+ Leaving Cert preparation class for Senior Cycle students, and kids’ summer camps for advanced beginner and bilingual children.

Do not miss out on this special opportunity to explore a new language or to deepen your knowledge of German together with other learners.

Terms 2023
16.01.2023 - 25.03.2023
24.04.2023 - 01.07.2023
3 A
10.07.2023 - 12.08.2023
3 B
14.08.2023 - 16.09.2023
25.09.2023 - 02.12.2023
Semester- und Ferientermine

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New participants who would like to know which course level will suit them best: Please book our placement test first.

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