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Bhaskar Hazarika

About the Actant

Bhaskar Hazarika © Bhaskar Hazarika Bhaskar Hazarika has an MFA in Painting from Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan (2009) and BFA in Painting from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata (2007). In 2018 he completed his Ph.D research at Kala Bhavan for his thesis Art in Public Sphere of Assam Since 1970: Transforming Context of Modern Assamese Identity Politics Represented Through Local and Provincial Performative Practice. As an artist working in multiple disciplines of art including painting, performance and digital medias, he has exhibited his artwork in India and abroad since 2005. His participation in cultural performative rituals is a result of an abiding interest in issues of political and cultural identity in the public sphere.

Coffee without Milk © Bhaskar Hazarika © Bhaskar Hazarika Coffee without Milk aims to encourage an incident to happen in a theatrical space purposely created for performative interaction. The project will begin in a village in Santiniketan where a portable theatrical space will be set up for people interested in issues of representation of cultural identity. The central subject of the project revolves around life and narratives about the forest. A multifaceted drama will be developed that will incorporate mythological narratives, folktales, popular myths and contemporary issues of the forests’ inhabitants and forest life. Once transported to Kolkata, and having faced the challenge of fitting into an urban space, the drama will be performed continuously for two days. Throughout this process, a daily evening programme will be broadcast on the radio documenting the development of the drama.