Project Funding
The visual arts project fund

The formation of international networks, collaborative working processes and artistic research in global transcultural contexts provide opportunities to learn together and acquire new knowledge across national borders. We promote jointly planned and collaboratively executed projects.

On-stage performance art Photo (detail): © Jamie Fyson Howard, IKF Projekt "Golden Age of extremes"

Conditions of Funding

professional artists, curators and people working in the visual arts, architecture, design or art education abroad or in Germany who plan and execute a collaborative (incl. interdisciplinary) project

Our Visual Arts Project Fund provides financial support for the development of exhibitions and discussion-based formats involving collaborative international working processes in which project participants work together on an equal footing to create something substantively new across national borders.

The maximum amount of funding available is €25,000.

  • Quality of the project and standing of the participating creative artists in their respective scenes
  • Expected impact of the results of artistic or discussion-based activities
  • Current relevance of the issues addressed
  • Balanced, dialogical approach to collaboration in which no one participating person or group is dominant
  • Establishment of extensive collaborative structures
  • Due consideration for environmental and social sustainability as well as inclusivity in carrying out the project
  • Budget showing own/third-party funding (at least 10% of the amount requested from us) and a sound financing plan. If you do not have any funds of your own to contribute and are unable to obtain third-party funding, please explain why.
  • We give preference to project partnerships between Germany and transition countries as well as the Global South.

The application must be submitted by two or more partners, one of whom must be based abroad and one in Germany. The application should show that working contacts already exist between the partners, who agree to make dialogue central to their approach to the project. The application must also include written confirmation from at least one institution (art association, museum, educational institution etc.) interested in working with the applicants, as well as a description of the project content.

The application must be submitted online in English.

Please read thoroughly the explanatory notes about the documents required before filling out your application. ​​​​​​​  

If you have any questions about pending applications, please quote your application number. ​​​​​​​
Please take note of our privacy policy.

Next application deadline

The application deadline for projects starting in 2024 is 13 Ocotber 2023, 3PM (CET).

The decision of the jury will be communicated in mid-January.



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One project partner (“the Applicant”) is to submit the application, and the other partner(s) will be asked to confirm their participation and information by e-mail. Your application will not be deemed complete until receipt of this confirmation. All participating institutions and other partners must also submit confirmation of their intent to participate in the project.

We expect the project to involve working with at least one institution (museum, art association, educational institution etc.).

If an institution is to apply as the main applicant, you must name a contact: i.e. a natural person who will be providing creative input into the project and collaborating on an equal footing with the other partners. This person’s role in and intended work on the project must be specified in the application. So, having an institution apply for this grant is not out of the question, but make sure the resulting configuration does not amount to basically commissioning an artist/curator.

Two institutions may also apply with a joint project if it satisfies all the other criteria. We give preference to small-scale institutions with limited financial resources.

No, this is not allowed. But do feel free to contact our institutes abroad and the Visual Arts Division at the Goethe-Institut’s main office for assistance in finding a participating institution.

You must present the project publicly at a professional venue in at least one location outside of Germany. Presenting the project at several venues will increase your chances of funding – and of obtaining a correspondingly larger grant.

We do not fund projects that have already started before the application is submitted, or that do not place the partners on an equal footing and do not use a dialogical approach (e.g. commissioned works). An exhibition of an artist’s works by a curator at an art gallery, for example, would be ineligible for this funding.

This grant is not intended to fund additional showings or a tour of an existing exhibition project involving several artists either.

Please notify us immediately of any deviations from the financing plan submitted as part of your application. The amount of the grant cannot be subsequently increased.

We place no creative restrictions on your choice of format, provided it meets the criteria of international collaboration on a new project between partners on an equal footing. In addition to exhibition projects, formats involving debates are also eligible for funding – as are digital formats, which we expressly encourage.