Shadowing programme for young theatre professionals from abroad

The shadowing programme offers international artists within the field of Performing Arts an internship for a stay in Germany at a theatre or production house.

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Conditions of Funding

Theatre professionals abroad up to 40 years of age:
  • Directors, dramaturgs, stage designers in the fields of drama, performance, children's and youth theatre, puppet theatre and music theatre
  • Choreographers
  • Artists in the field of light design, video and technique

We give preference to applicants from transition countries (Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America).

We make it possible for selected theatre people from other parts of the world to get to know first-hand how at least one production is planned, rehearsed and performed at a theatre or production house in Germany. They can also attend performances at other theatres.

In addition to a monthly allowance of €1.200 for room and board, the grant covers travel expenses to Germany, accident and health insurance, as well as up to €300 to cover costs of transport and admission to other theatrical productions in Germany.

  • As far as possible a good command of the German language in order to follow the rehearsal process and performances, to “talk shop” with your German counterparts, and to get your bearings and get around on your own in your new surroundings.
  • Some knowledge of the German theatre scene and works of German dramatic literature. Assistance in this regard is available at our information centres, libraries (including film and video libraries) and other comparable facilities.
  • Credible assurances that you will return to your country after the shadowing programme and serve as a “multiplier”, contributing the skills and experience you have acquired here to the theatre scene in your country.
  • Consideration of sustainability criteria in the choice of means of transport: For travel times of up to seven hours and/or 600 km we prefer to support rail travel. We assess the eligibility of additional costs compared to air fares.

Application forms are available at Goethe-Instituts abroad.

You can apply for this grant at the local contact persons of a Goethe-Institut abroad.

Your application should be received at least three months – or five months if sent between March and August (due to the theatre holidays) – before the start of the shadowing programme you’re applying.

Next application deadline

Applications are welcome at any time.


Berit Wohlfarth
Dance & Theatre Division

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