Undrakh Batsuuri

Undrakh Batsuuri Photo: Goethe-Institut Korea/OZAK Undrakh Batsuuri comes from Khuvsgul, studied German language and literature at the National University of Mongolia in Ulan Bator, focusing on translation and teaching.

After successfully completing her studies, she accepted a teaching appointment at the University of Mongolia for Education, and later spent several years working for various Mongolian governmental organizations both at home and abroad.

Since January 2018 she has been working as a permanently employed translator and editor for the Monsudar publishing house in Ulan Bator.
The focus of her translation work is on the field of literary translation from German into Mongolian. As a translation editor, Batsuuri was one of a group engaged in producing the Mongolian editions of Stefan Zweig's Chess Novel, Hans Magnus Enzensberger's The Number Devil and Thomas Melle’s The World at Your Back. Undrakh Batsuuri lives in Ulan Bator.

selected translations

Franz Kafka: Der Prozess. Monsudar, 2019

Christian Kracht: Imperium. Monsudar, Summer 2019

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