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GAVE virtual exchange materials

GAPP provides materials for each phase of your virtual exchange to help you guide your students through this unique cross-cultural experience.

Preparation materials

Here you will find all of the resources you need to plan and organize your virtual exchange (in English and German):

Materials Include:
  • The GAVE Blueprint – a guide to planning your virtual exchange
  • Student Bio Form – a form to collect information to help with partnering students
  • Online Tools – a list of optional programs and platforms to use in your exchange
Learn how to get started and register your exchange!

GAve journal

GAVE Journal

Students may use the GAVE Journal prompts to get to know their exchange partner informally outside of the regular GAVE activities.


GAVE intercultural training

Intercultural communication training

Students will learn the basics of intercultural communication and what to consider before beginning the exchange with the partner school.


GAVE Exchange topics

The GAVE program is divided into topics that all follow the same framework, or ‘Fahrplan.’ Each student-centered topic includes introductory Get-to-Know-You tasks and more in-depth Exchange tasks, where your students will have fun while learning about the German language and culture as they interact with their German counterparts.

A GAVE can be completed in German and English in the Language Track, or in English only in the Cultural Track.

language track

German language level: A1-A2            English language level: B1-B2

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Social Media

Students will explore social media's influence on their lives and consider what it means to have an online presence in this digitally connected world.


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Everyday life

Students will learn about what everyday life looks like in Germany vs. the U.S.


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Students will learn more about their similarities and differences as they become advocates for one another.


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Shopping / Sustainable living

Students will reflect on the environmental impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as their own personal carbon footprint.


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Students will reflect on their awareness of themselves and the diversity in their classroom and beyond.

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Students will discuss the role that sport plays in their own lives, in their school, and in the society at large.


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Capitalism / Socialism

Students will learn more about capitalism and socialism as they relate to the former East Germany,​ the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States.

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Students will learn about food preferences and consumption habits of the partner culture and will test their skills in a cooking challenge.


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Students will learn what is topping the charts in the U.S. and Germany, share their favorite music, and work together to write their own songs.


Cultural exchange track

All materials are in English. English language level: A1-B2

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Everyday life

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Shopping / Sustainable living

Students will reflect on the environmental impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as their own personal carbon footprint.  


Special topics and virtual programs

GAPP offers special virtual programs to engage your students across a variety of interests. Why not try one of these special virtual programs?

Planspiel PPP slide

Pitch your green idea: An entrepreneurship game

Interested in a German American Virtual Exchange with a twist? Immerse your students in an exciting business game, in English with German components. In teams with your partner class, students will develop their own sustainable business concept and exchange ideas with other teams. To learn more, see the preview below. Interested? Indicate this on your registration form for the GAVE program!


Conclusion and reflection

reflection materials

The culmination of the exchange experience involves reflecting on the program and meeting with your exchange partners as a group to present your projects. Here are the materials you and your students need to reflect on your German-American Virtual Exchange.


After completion of your exchange, please fill out the GAVE Documentation and Certificates Request Form to provide GAPP with details of your completed exchange send it along with 2-3 exceptional examples of student work to gapp@goethe.de. Teachers and students on both sides of the exchange are asked to fill out a short survey to help us improve GAVE.