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Your students deserve the world - start with Germany! GAPP - The German American Partnership Program.Foto: GAPP / B. Ludewig

German American Partnership Program (GAPP) - School Exchanges

GAPP supports teachers and schools in arranging successful bilateral school exchanges for their students. We offer workshops and resources, provide assistance throughout exchanges, and award travel grants and individual scholarships to teachers, exchange groups and individual students. See if there is a GAPP school near you!
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Image Travel Germany US ©GAPP/Annette Baran

Safe Travels!

We're thrilled to announce that this year, schools from over 30 states across the US will be traveling to Germany with our support. It is exciting to see so many students from various states embark on this adventure and discover Germany's rich culture, history, and language. May your trip be filled with incredible memories and meaningful learning opportunities! We're honored to be part of your journey!  
Safe travels to all the students and teachers! Please share your adventures with us and tag us on social media!  @gappexchanges #gappexchanges

Yellow Daffodils © Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Yvonne Crocker

With deep gratitude, we would like to take this opportunity to thank German teacher Yvonne Crocker for her generous donation to the GAPP program.  
Mrs. Crocker was a pioneer and an inspiration for generations of GAPP students at Concord High School in New Hampshire, where she founded the school’s GAPP exchange in 1981. She met with GAPP students even after her retirement. On one of those occasions, she welcomed the first “second generation GAPP student” of the school’s program. His parents had participated in the very first exchange Mrs. Crocker had organized.  
Yvonne Crocker recently passed away at the age of 97. The GAPP team extends their condolences to her family and friends. We are immensely grateful for her wholehearted commitment to the German American Partnership Program. Thanks to the generous donation we recently received from her trust, we were able to support additional GAPP schools as they travel to Germany this year. It would have certainly brought her joy to know that students were able to explore Germany due to her gift.

Foto and quote Jessica Culver ©GAPP/Annette Baran

GAVE Experience

Jessica Culver has been working with GAVE since 2020 now. Currently, 100 students are part of the virtual exchange program she set up with a partner school in Brandenburg, Germany. Read the full interview with Jessica!

Starting now! GAPP Funding application

Now you are ready to begin coordinating your exchange with GAPP. For application and more information on Travel and Accommodation, Insurance, Visa and Travel Safety click "Apply now" below.

Students at GAPP Summercamp ©GAPP/Barak Shrama

Join now!
Alumni Network

In this our 50th year, we are launching our GAPP Alumni Network to reconnect with all our former exchange students and GAPP coordinators!

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50 years anniversary - German American Partnership Programm © Goethe Institut New York

German American Partnership Programm
Happy Birthday GAPP

The German American Partnership Program, GAPP, turns 50! In light of this occasion, we are launching the anniversary website to celebrate half a century of intercultural exchange and friendship. We would like to invite you to discover important milestones of our program and see the impact of a GAPP exchange.

Collage Strassenfest ©Wood Powell/Goethe-Institut

50 years GAPP
Anniversary Weekend

GAPP is 50 years young! The GAPP team celebrated this special anniversary along with  guests, GAPP teachers, and alumni at a gala dinner in New York City. On October 9th, the celebration continued with a block party in front of Goethe-Institut New York.

Teacher of the year Nicole Perrine-Wilson ©GAPP/ Annette Baran, Nicole Perrine-Wilson

Teacher of the Year

To highlight the work of exceptional GAPP Coordinators, GAPP selected Ms. Nicole Perrine-Wilson of Wissahickon High School to receive the GAPP Coordinator of the Year Award for 2022.

Meet GAPP Banner © GAPP

We are happy to introduce GAPPY!

GAPPY has flown in just in time for our 50th anniversary, to celebrate with us and accompany GAPP students on their 2022 exchanges! 
Thank you again to GAPP student, Lance Hoogendoorn from O'Gorman High School in Sioux Falls, SD who created GAPPY’s original concept. 

To welcome GAPPY to our team we invited all GAPP and GAVE students to participate in our 2022 Social Media Challenge for a chance to win prizes!
Contest is now closed, but visit our Instagram @gapp.exchanges to see where GAPPY was this Summer!

  • GAPP webinars To find out more about how to lead an in-person transatlantic exchange, register for one of our upcoming webinars.
  • GAVE webinars Whether your school has a German program or not, you are eligible to participate in a virtual exchange with your students at no cost to you.
  • GAPP alums: We want to hear your story! Let GAPP know how your exchange influenced you on a personal and professional level. 
  • Take a German language course! GAPP Teachers interested in improving their German can apply for a scholarship to participate in one of the Goethe-Institut online language courses (on the application indicate that you are seeking a GAPP scholarship).

Why a GAPP exchange?

GAPP - Scholarship Fund - Frequently Asked! (Bowling Green KY) Photo (detail) © Goethe-Institut / Karen Littlewood No matter what subject you teach – from STEM to social studies or history – you work hard to give your students the best education possible. A German school exchange with GAPP offers your students an invaluable opportunity to step out of the everyday, develop a global perspective, and build skills that can only be learned through travel. Our program is educational and immersive. We invite all schools, with or without a German language program, to take part in our enriching GAPP exchange.

GAPP Video preview © GAPP

That's how a GAPP exchange works!

My exchange to Germany

Meet Rileigh from Michigan, who traveled to Germany and produced a video about her experience. Learn about Spaghetti-Ice-Cream, German castles, international communities, Germany's strategies to tackle climate change, and finding inspiration for the future.

Rileigh Wine

Our programs

GAPP © GAPP / B. Ludewig

Short-term group exchange

We offer support and financial assistance to teachers, schools, and students navigating the framework of a bi-lateral exchange. 
Starting a new GAPP program
For existing GAPP coordinators

Quote © GAPP / B. Ludewig

Long-term individual exchange

GAPP students interested in spending a semester or a year at their GAPP partner school may be eligible for visa sponsorship from GAPP.

GAVE Online exchange materials © Goethe-Institut / Sonja Tobias

German-American virtual exchange (GAVE)

We offer teachers a framework, lesson plans and worksheets, access to an online exchange platform, and financial support to lead a successful virtual exchange. 

Lehrerin und Kind © Colourbox

Teacher exchange visitor program

Available to teachers working at official German Schools Abroad in the U.S. or German Language Advisors (Berater für Deutschunterricht) as determined by the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad (ZfA).

Brandenburger Tor © iStock

For students and alumni

Being a part of a GAPP or GAVE exchange has many long-term benefits for students, including scholarships for German language courses and eligibility to be a U.S. State Department alumni.

GAPP workshops © Colourbox

Workshops and trainings

GAPP offers training, webinars, and workshops on coordinating successful exchanges, as well as free teaching resources and professional development opportunities.

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About GAPP

GAPP Logo neu GAPP, Inc. Since 1972 the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) facilitates enriching cultural exchanges between schools in the U.S. and Germany. Our Program inspires intercultural understanding, promotes German language instruction, and fosters new and lasting friendships in the U.S. and Germany. 


Our dedicated team ensures that you succeed in your student exchange. By supporting you in implementing student exchanges, we seek to deepen relations between Germany and the U.S.


The German American Partnership Program (GAPP) is part of Germany’s foreign cultural and education policy.

News and impact

Learn more about what impact GAPP has had on participating exchange students, schools and local communities, and the partner countries Germany and the U.S.

News and impact

Our partners

German American Partnership Program is administered by the Goethe-Institut and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and the U.S. Department of State. In Germany, GAPP is administered by our partner, the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD).

In cooperation with

supported by

Support our GAPP Scholarship Fund

GAPP facilitates enriching cultural exchanges between schools in the U.S. and Germany. Our program inspires intercultural understanding, promotes German language instruction, and fosters new and lasting friendships. Please support our GAPP Scholarship Fund with a donation, which allows students from financially struggling families to take part in their school's GAPP exchange.

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