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GAVE Online exchange materials © Goethe-Institut / Sonja Tobias

German-American Virtual Exchange (GAVE)

GAPP goes virtual! GAVE (German American Virtual Exchange) is GAPP’s virtual exchange program. It enables teachers to offer their students a cultural exchange with a partner school in Germany. Support, guidelines, and materials are provided at no cost to you!

What is a virtual exchange?

GAPP GAVE video © GAPP, Inc.

GAVE (German American Virtual Exchange) is GAPP’s virtual exchange program. GAPP provides a framework, materials, and support for teachers interested in connecting their students remotely with their partner school in Germany.

GAVE webinar Vorschau © GAPP

GAVE walk-through

In this video we present in details how a GAVE exchange can be implemented. Join an upcoming webinar to learn more!

GAPP workshops © Colourbox

Workshops and trainings

GAPP offers training and workshops on coordinating successful exchanges, as well as free teaching resources and professional development opportunities. 

GAVE exchange step by step

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Getting started

Learn about how to start your virtual exchange with your partner school. Download Preparation Phase materials to begin the planning process and learn more about all of the resources GAPP has to offer.

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Virtual exchange materials

The GAVE program is divided into topics that all follow the same framework, or ‘Fahrplan,’ as we say in German. Topics include Music, Food, Sustainability, Sports and more!

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Register your exchange

Register your virtual exchange.
U.S. schools may also apply for a technology stipend for equipment or platform subscriptions needed for your exchange.

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Tell us about your GAVE

Complete the exchange documentation form to provide us with details of your completed exchange and we will send you certificates for your students. Then fill out a short survey to help us improve GAVE.


Yes! Our virtual exchange is open to all secondary schools.
Yes! GAVE allows schools without the opportunity for international travel to offer their students an intercultural experience.
Yes! By starting out with a GAVE exchange, you will allow your students to get to know one another in a relaxed, virtual setting.
GAVE can be used to allow an entire particular class to experience a virtual exchange or can be used for an exchange group that was supposed to travel. If you go with an entire class, work would be done during class time. Should you choose a group of students from different classes, conducting GAVE as an after school / German club program would be best.
You can easily add weeks or months to your exchange by choosing to work on multiple topics over time. You may start with everyday life and move on to sustainability, for example.
One week constitutes approximately 5 hours of instructional time. If you are completing the program after school or only on certain instructional days, you would need to adjust the number of weeks accordingly.
This is decided by the coordinators of the exchange. In order to assist you, we have provided you with a list of recommended tools in our getting started packet (see Preparation Phase materials)
Download the blueprint/Fahrplan from the Preparation Phase section. It gives you details on finding a partner school, meeting virtually with the exchange coordinator in Germany, and next steps.
The GAPP team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to e-mail us at gapp@goethe.de.

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