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Busara© Steven Tu

Welcome to Africa's Future!

Download this file to print and play Busara:

15 Kingdoms, one dream: to build a strong culture.

As a player, you decide what kind of leader you want to be: Open borders or isolation? Free trade of resources or protectionism? Collaboration – competition – sabotage – everything is possible. Use your kingdom’s specific features and magical powers to promote your culture and lead a successful society. This is the basic story of BUSARA – a board game that connects elements from all participating countries of the Enter Africa project.

In October 2018 representatives from the 15 Enter Africa country teams came together in Addis Abeba to discuss common topics for a truly African game. A game narrative emerged around the topics of borderlessness and the promotion of African culture. Incorporating the different visions and ideas in one game has been a challenge – but we solved it in a fun and of course playful way - through intercultural exchange, mutual respect and fruitful brainstorming.

International Night © Bemnet Fekadu For almost one year the local teams were working on their kingdoms, including symbols and elements from all over the continenthaving, had multiple test rounds, and wiith Steven Tu from Johannesburg creating the final design of the game. We are proud to present that Busara now finally can be played!

On this page, you will find the story behind the game, its process and developments until its launch in summer 2019.
“We are all different people, we are coming from different parts of the continent. But in a way, we think alike. If you look at all these ideas we collected, they are not so different. Maybe the English is different or possibly the cultures – but we have the same idea. It’s literally the same idea. And just getting to meet these other people, opens you up. The way you think. Because, we have different cultures, but we also share something. And I’m like: ‘Oh wow, you also do that.’ And: ‘Yeah, we also do that, the same thing.’ You get so excited about that oneness you share.”
Laurean Ntaate, Enter Africa participant from Kampala, Uganda, during the Megagame Workshop in Addis Ababa
“The location-based game and the megagame, they are two different things, but they still have a link, which is the vision. And once you have the vision, I believe you can achieve everything.”
Prince Andrew Ardayfio, Enter Africa participant from Accra, Ghana, during the Megagame Workshop in Addis Ababa