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Enter Africa
Addis Ababa

Bethlehem Anteneh © Bethlehem Anteneh

Bethlehem Anteneh

Profession: Architect, Game-Thinking Consultant
Expertise: Experience Design
Contact: bethyanteneh@gmail.com

Binyam Wondmagegenhu © Binyam Wondmagegenhu

Binyam Wondmagegenhu

Profession: Architect
Expertise: Visual Arts
Contact: binyhood58@gmail.com

Dagmawi Bedilu © Dagmawi Bedilu

Dagmawi Bedilu

Profession: Game Designer, Software Engineer, Project Manager
Expertise: Game Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Technology
Contact: dagem008@gmail.com, www.dagmawi-bedilu.com

Elias Shemsu © Elias Shemsu

Elias Shemsu

Profession: Civil & Environmental Engineer
Expertise: Game Development 
Contact: echosierran@gmail.com

Hailemichael Simesh Ayele © Hailemichael Simesh Ayele

Hailemichael Simesh Ayele

Profession: Architect
Expertise: Design, Drawing & Scetching
Contact: hsimesh@gmail.com 

Kirubel Girma Habtu © Kirubel Girma Habtu

Kirubel Girma Habtu

Profession: Business Developer
Expertise: Games, Gaming
Contact: ghkirubel@gmail.com

Mihret Redda Tamrat © Enter Africa

Mihret Redda Tamrat

Profession: Product Manager
Expertise: Education Technology
Contact: mihretr@gmail.com

Nahom Teklu © Nahom Teklu

Nahom Teklu

Profession: Architect
Expertise: Architecture, Gamification
Contact: nahomteklu0@gmail.com

Nathnael Moges © Nathnael Moges

Nathnael Moges

Profession: Software Engineer
Expertise: Game Development
Contact: nattyime@gmail.com

Yared Endale Yerdaw © Yared Endale Yerdaw

Yared Endale Yerdaw

Profession: Engineer
Expertise: Graphics Design
Contact: yaredendale9@gmail.com