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Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
225 Quest

© Dagmawi Bedilu

QR-code for 225 Quest © Enter Africa  225 Quest

The location-based game “225 Quest” takes you on an adventure through Abidjan. Guided by the spirit Nanan, you go on a quest for five elements to protect the city. 

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An Urban Legend from Abidjan

Let us tell you a story. About Abidjan – the economic capital of Côte d’Ivoire, the cultural crossroads of West Africa. According to a legend, the name “Abidjan” was born of a misunderstanding: An old man returning from the field, his arms full of branches, meets a European explorer who asks him the name of the nearest village. The man, however, thinks he was asked what he was doing and answers: "Min tchan m'bidjan", meaning "I have just cut leaves". The white man, thinking he had the answer to his question, later recalls the name of the place to be “Abidjan”.
Abidjan© Dagmawi Bedilu

Social and Environmental Challenges

Today, what was a village then, has turned into the most populated city of Francophone West Africa. Characterized by strong industrialization and urbanization, Abidjan attracts more and more people – and faces a number of social and environmental challenges. Unemployment, insecurity and the decimation of sacred places are among them, just as deforestation and flooding. However, game thinking teaches us: Problems are there to be solved in a creative way. So, let’s go on a journey with the Enter Africa game from Abidjan!

The Story

Eburnie's adventurer returns to Abidjan. He has only one desire: he wants to visit the places of his memories – which were once so beautiful and mysterious. Suddenly, he hears a voice telling him:

"Akwaba Eburnie's adventurer! I am Nanan, the protective spirit of the city of Abidjan. Our city is threatened by insecurity, insalubrity, unemployment, deforestation, poaching, flooding, demystification of sacred places and many other problems that can hinder its present and future development. Help me to solve the problems of every municipality in our city. I will guide you and protect you so that you can restore the city of Abidjan."

Protect the City with Nanan

Abidjan Locations © Dagmawi Bedilu To make Nanan, the protective spirit of the city, stronger, you as the player must find the five element pillars. On this quest, you get to explore some familiar and some unknown places in the city, including neighborhoods such as Treichville, suburbs like Cocody, or even Banco National Park. At these locations, you solve riddles. Gaining knowledge about real life problems of communities in Abidjan, learning words in different local languages (there are almost 80 different ones!), even playing sports and interacting with people, will bring you to the core of the city and enable you to find creative solutions to everyday needs. On this journey, you meet different characters: Bancoly and Serge, the three warriors, the guardian of the mask, the king N’sieny Keren and many more.

Why should I play the Game?

As a visitor or a resident, “225 Quest” helps you to really get to know the heart of Abidjan – with all its mysteries, hidden beauties and stories such as the urban legend mentioned above. Try to find solutions to the city’s current challenges and tackle everyday needs in a creative way. Akwaaba (Welcome) to Abidjan!

The Team from Abidjan

Mansilla Emmanuel,Zalo Eric Andre, Coulibaly Mamadou,Dmiarrassouba Aly Mohamed, Jean Francois Lasme, Atta Ferdinand Vianney, Yao Koffi Romaric-Espoir
Abidjan Team© Dagmawi Bedilu