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Enter Africa

Andric Ishami Kwisanga © Enter Africa

Andric Ishami Kwisanga

Profession: Student
Expertise: Computer Science
Contact: ishamand7@gmail.com

Christian Niyigena © Enter Africa

Christian Niyigena

Profession: Biotechnoligist
Expertise: Data Collection
Contact: dagem008@gmail.com

Come Emmanuel Mugisha © Come Emmanuel Mugisha

Come Emmanuel Mugisha

Profession: Writer
Expertise: Journalism, Game Development
Contact: mugemmy62@gmail.com

Robert Mugisha © Robert Mugisha

Robert Mugisha

Profession: Managing Director at DopeApps
Expertise: Leadership, Software Development, Game Design, Story Writing
Contact: rob@dopeapps.rwrobertdrly1@gmail.com

Thomas Shiva © Thomas Shiva

Thomas Shiva

Profession: IT Expert, Game Developer
Expertise: Information Technology, Game Design, Content Development
Contact: thomasshiva3@yahoo.com