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Kinshasa, DR Congo

Painting in Kinshasa
© Dagmawi Bedilu

QR Code for Lokole © Enter Africa LOKOLe

Be it as an environmental superhero, policeman or bonobo expert, the Kinshasa game will take you to 5 different locations in Kinshasa that will show you the true face of the city. "Lokole" sends a message to its players - a warning signal that calls for action.

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Back in the day, people from different areas of the Congo region used a traditional slit drum as a musical instrument and as a log drum. The “Lokole” drum was a means of communication between neighbors and between villages in case of trouble or dangers or it announced someone’s death. The Enter Africa team from Kinshasa chose “Lokole” to be the title of their location-based game. They want to send a message to the player, a warning sign and a call for action.

Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is an extremely busy city. Especially at night, you see all kinds of venders on the streets, selling products or food. Naturally, the vibe and liveliness of the place does not come without chaos. Many people in Kinshasa have to improvise and fight for a good life - and that leaves a trace in the city. One challenge, the Enter Africa team from Kinshasa identified, is pollution: People throw their waste in the streets and the infrastructural means are not enough to keep the city clean. Another problem is a lack of knowledge about the city itself: Many stereotypes exist about Kinshasa – but the location-based game shows its true faces and colors – so that each player can form a personal opinion.

The story of the game Lokole

This is the story of a mythical and historical character, Lumumba, who visits important places in the city of Kinshasa with the aim of introducing them to the world and to the Congolese citizens. During his journey, he solves problems and riddles of these places and he learns to preserve the resources he finds there. Most of these places are touristic and unique in the world.

Why Lumumba?

The main character refers to the hero who has changed the course of history of the DRC. He brought knowledge, a revolution, solved problems and fought to preserve the wealth of the country. But Lokole also praises the bravery of this man who brought independence to the DRC.

Description of the character

The character embodies several roles and they depend on the mission of each place. This means that the character wears a different costume in each place.

Why should I play the Game?

“Lokole” shows you the good and the bad sides of Kinshasa – it gives the player a real experience of the city – so that you can build your own idea about the city and don’t base your opinion on stereotypes. At the same time, the game brings the player to unique locations and inform about challenges in Kinshasa: Waste, chaos, a change of perspective: Hence, it’s a game for Kinshasa’s inhabitants and visitors alike who want to know more about the city and solve issues along the way.


Myra Dunoyer Vahighene is an interior architect and photographer, born and raised in Kinshasa, DRC.

The Team from Kinshasa

Myra Dunoyer Vahighene, Christian Mokuba, Tende Nzengu Emmanuel, Yannick Mubenga, Glofils Gonda, Arnold Katshinga, Andy Katambwe, Julio Luzoladio, Chadrack Itsia, Lionel Kabeya, Chris Shongo
The Team from Kinshasa, DRC© Dagmawi Bedilu