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Kinshasa, DR Congo
Lokole - A Call for Action in Kinshasa

Painting in Kinshasa
Painting in Kinshasa | © Dagmawi Bedilu

Back in the day, people from different areas of the Congo region used a traditional slit drum as a musical instrument and as a log drum. The “Lokole” drum was a means of communication between neighbors and between villages in case of trouble or dangers or it announced someone’s death. The Enter Africa team from Kinshasa chose “Lokole” to be the title of their location-based game. They want to send a message to the player, a warning sign and a call for action.


Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is an extremely busy city. Especially at night, you see all kinds of venders on the streets, selling products or food. Naturally, the vibe and liveliness of the place does not come without chaos. Many people in Kinshasa have to improvise and fight for a good life - and that leaves a trace in the city. One challenge, the Enter Africa team from Kinshasa identified, is pollution: People throw their waste in the streets and the infrastructural means are not enough to keep the city clean. Another problem is a lack of knowledge about the city itself: Many stereotypes exist about Kinshasa – but the location-based game shows its true faces and colors – so that each player can form a personal opinion.

The Story and Locations

The game “Lokole” sends the player to five different locations in Kinshasa – each of which has its own sub story and characters. For example, the player goes to Ngaba – a marketplace where lots of garbage is thrown in the streets. Here, the player impersonates an environmental superhero who starts a recycling process – and tries to solve the waste problem. At another location, the Victory Square, the player becomes a police officer. In that role, one has to find objects that have been stolen from people and at the same time try to solve the traffic chaos around the square. You can also become a Bonobo Expert: At the Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary, the players get to learn about this endangered monkey species that is found exclusively in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why should I play the Game?

“Lokole” shows you the good and the bad sides of Kinshasa – it gives the player a real experience of the city – so that you can build your own idea about the city and don’t base your opinion on stereotypes. At the same time, the game brings the player to unique locations and inform about challenges in Kinshasa: Waste, chaos, a change of perspective: Hence, it’s a game for Kinshasa’s inhabitants and visitors alike who want to know more about the city and solve issues along the way.


Myra Dunoyer Vahighene is an interior architect and photographer, born and raised in Kinshasa, DRC.

The Team from Kinshasa

Alpha Aundu Lingoya, Anastasie Langu Mbombo, Arnold Katshingu Ngalamulume, Bernard Chibi Basedeke, Chris Shongo Loody, Christian Makanda Nyembwe, Christian Mokuba, Christian Mwepu Ngoy, Diakiese Bisunga Mitterrand, Ebengo Saint-Germain, Elie Kasonga Nyembwe, Emmanuel Tende Nzengu, Gonda Makengo, Jacques Mbubu Mosasi, Jésus Kutangidiku Tshimanga, Joseph Puati Mavinga Papy, Josué Bertrand Mbwayumu Muteba, Julio Luzoladio Miankoma, Kabeya Katshinga Lionel, Kazadi Ngongl Ecclesiaste, Kiala Mansaluka Bellamard, Kishabongo Assany Colon, Marthe Mbombo Katambwe, Myra Dunoyer Kavira Vahighene, Ndongala,Kiaku,Youry, Noah Matanga Buaki, Panzu Tsasa Mombo Gueldany, Ryan Tshibangu Kapyamba, Steve Bolombo Agema, Terrence Zolarson Yama, Trésor  Dieudonné Kalonji Bilolo, Yannick Mubenga Kabamba
The Team from Kinshasa, DRC© Dagmawi Bedilu