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Kampala, Uganda

View of Kampala
© Christoph Deeg

QR Code for Revival © Enter Africa REVIVAl

Kampala, Uganda’s capital, is a city of young, innovative, energetic individuals who come from across the country with lots of different cultures. Supporting the talents of these young people is an important investment in the city’s future.

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Junge Talente in Kampala

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For the Enter Africa team in Kampala, this is not enforced enough so far. They perceive that many projects are not being completed – which demotivates people to pursue their goals. 
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The Game: “Revival” 

Therefore, they have created the location-based game “Revival”. It envisions a dystopian future where all talents are lost and must be restored. The main character in the game is essentially the player who has to defeat the villain “Repo” – a metaphor for social problems – to win back the lost talents. 
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Locations in Kampala© Christoph Deeg
To achieve this, the player has to go to 10 different locations in Kampala, each of which is special. For example, places include historical sites like the Uganda National Museum or cultural places like a gallery and also a co-working space called Design Hub, which inspires you and gives you new ideas. 
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Revival © Steven Tu

All these places are linked to specific tasks. Only if the player fulfills these can he prevent Repo from absorbing his abilities. He has to cooperate with other people in these places, because they have the tools or hints to solve the tasks. In the Design Hub, for example, you get a key made right in front of you with a 3D printer - a new experience for many in Kampala. At the same time, the hub is a hive – in the game, you have to fly around and collect honey that makes you invisible from Repo. 
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Why should I play “Revival”? 

At the end of the day, it’s all about learning - not for the game, but for yourself. The player gets to learn about Kampala and its people, about its values, visions, history and culture - because the game encourages the player to interact with people, to engage with the city and discover new, interesting places. 
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So, hop on one of Kampala’s motorbike taxis called Boda Bodas – and discover inspiring places to find or revive your talents!


Laurean Ntaate, Enter Africa team member, entrepreneur and artist from Kampala, Uganda. Laureans works at the Design Hub Kampala and for Elupe House of Comics and Animation. In 2017, he co-founded the organization Tribe Uganda together with other illustrators and animators. They started the Digiart Fest in Kampala, which will take place for the second time this year on 14th and 15th of December. 

The team from kampala

Ssegujja Michael, Rajesh Jadhav, Kabuye Alex, Abdulmalik Dalhatu, Emanzi Kamugisha, Raymond Malinga, Lincoln Karuhanga, Babirye Hilda, Lawrence John Okot, Isaac Lugolobi, Laurean Ntaate, Kiguli Valentine Albert, Mugisha Emmanuel, Kenneth Kyamanywa, Asiimwe Samuel, Keya Nicholas Anthony, Mugibson Patrick Mugisha, Alwenyi Catherine Cassidy, Ssemakula Marvin, Tom Nelson Munghono, Anthony Thompson
The Team at the Design Hub Kampala© Christoph Deeg