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Dakar, Senegal
Ady and the Mask of Light

Mosque in Dakar
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In order to save access to drinking water, you have to restore the mask of light, which has been broken into pieces. But be fast: Ill-intentioned men are trying to monopolize its powers.

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Water Challenges in the Face of Rapid Growth

Senegal’s capital city, Dakar, is located on the peninsula Cap Vert on the most Western shore of the African continent. Its location, alongside the international harbor, has attracted many people. Dakar’s economy is booming and the city is expanding, encroaching also on wetland and other restricted areas. The infrastructure can hardly keep up with this rapid growth: The provision of safe drinking water, including the treatment of faecal sludge and wastewater, has become a major challenge. Many freshwater reserves are contaminated with pollutants such as nitrates, aluminium or solid waste.
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Traveling to the Past to Change the Future

The Enter Africa team from Senegal wants to tackle this challenge in their location-based game “Ady the Lion – and the Mask of Light”. The young hero, Ady, wants to preserve the future of the city. Therefore, he has to restore the mask of light – a mask that has infinite power but was broken into pieces by the seven wise elders. Ady travels back in time to influence his ancestors. He needs the powers of the mask to solve Dakar’s water management problem. It would allow him to reverse the process of water degradation and guarantee access to drinking water for future generations. But he has to hurry: Ill-intentioned men are working against him and seek to monopolize the powers of the mask.

Explore the Locations and be an Ambassador

Throughout the game, the player has to go to different places to solve tasks. At these locations, one can see the actual damage that is being done, the degradation of the environment through the lack of proper water management. At the same time, the places that were chosen all have a certain meaning, be it culturally, historically or with regards to sports or entertainment. So, the player also gets to experience Dakar from a new perspective – no matter if you are a visitor or a local. In a second step, the player interacts with other people. Hence, the game activities make the player observe, collect information, solve puzzles and become an ambassador of the cause. So, instead of just passing by, you learn about the culture, realize the challenges and contribute to changing them for the better.
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Interview Partner

Adou Sow during a Workshop in Dakar © Stéphanie Nikolaidis Adou Sow, born and raised in Dakar, Senegal, and in France, was already passionate about video games at a very young age, exploring basic programming and computers. He studied computer science, worked for 12 years in ICT and successfully pursued a Master of Business Administration. Combining his expertise in both fields, he excels in digital finance. Since 2018, he is taking part in Enter Africa to help make a change and represent a better future of Africa throughout the world via games.

The Team from Dakar

Thiam Abacar, Abdou Karim Diop Mbaye, Amy Mbaye, Abdou Aziz Sall, Aissa Codou Thiam, Yace Banks, Mame Ndiaya, Mamadou Oury Diallo, El Hadji Lamine Biaye, Dadja Matiasso Bassou, Pape Moussa Kane, M. Mohamed Boussouriou Diallo, Mame Ndiaya Lo, Moussa Diagne, Diarra  Gueye, Asaph Nguembi Mbadinga, Guillaume Sénou, Thierno Ousmane, Ousseynou Ndiour, Amadou Diallo, Afoutou Têko Mawussé, Ibrahima Guisse, Adou Sow, Amadou Iamarana Diallo, Alioune Seck
The Team from Dakar© Stéphanie Nikolaidis