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Windhoek, Namibia
Land Markz

Windhoek | © E. Hatting/Pixabay

QR Code for Land Markz © Enter Africa LAND MARKZ

Imagine the city of Windhoek is invaded by aliens - the natural order is disturbed and thus four spirits have been awakened. To the city's dismay, the "Planner" possesses a fragment of weapons hidden behind codes - strong enough to send the aliens away. Can you protect the City?

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Representing Namibian Cultures

Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia. Due to the vast territories covered by the Namib and Kalahara deserts, Namibia as a whole has only about 2.3 Million inhabitants who live quite spread over the territory. With just over 300.000 inhabitants, Windhoek is the largest city and the vibrant, economic center of this Southern African country. However, the Enter Africa team from Windhoek has the impression that the city has turned its back on its own cultures, mostly adapting Western or other foreign influences. Therefore, they have come up with a location-based game that motivates the players to learn more about the many, diverse cultures within Namibia and emphasize their visibility in the city of Windhoek.
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The Story

In Land Markz, Windhoek is invaded by aliens and this results in four spirits (villains) being awakened. One spirit, Walende, is an evil spirit that controls and torments all popular hangout spots in the city. Another villain, Lenaria (Queen Mother) controls everything that goes on in and around the city. Even though peace is disrupted, the Planner still believes in preserving the future of Windhoek, hence he holds hidden codes, which if cracked, enable the player to acquire armour to fight the villains off.
Zegor, Character in Land Markz © Enter Africa Namibia Evil Train Conductor, Character in Land Markz © Enter Africa Namibia

The Locations

In order to find these spirits and restore the weapon to fight the aliens, the game takes the players to eighteen different locations in Windhoek. You go, for example, to the Citadel, the Parliament Garden, Windhoek High School and the Palm Tree Park. Most important is the Owela Museum, an ethnographic section in the National Museum with detailed information about the many diverse peoples of Namibia. At the same time, some of the tasks and questions can be solved from your home.

Why Should I Play the Game?

The experience you get changes your perspective of Windhoek: You gain a deeper understanding of the cultural backgrounds as well as awareness about public spaces that were once frequently used but have been abandoned. Hence, it’s a game for tourists and locals alike who are interested in a closer look at Namibian cultures. 


Tutaleni Ilonga © Tutaleni Ilonga Tutaleni “LeKido” Ilonga is an upcoming entrepreneur, DJ, writer and upcoming film producer. Tutaleni was part of the organizing team of the Kino Namia who successfully hosted their annual 2nd festival as they continue to help the filming industry grow in Namibia. The reason why Tuta decided to take part in the Enter Africa project is that to him, this an opportunity to promote gaming culture in Namibia and simultaneously promoting Namibian culture through gaming.



The Team from Namibia

​Paulus Hauwanga, Josephat Tjiho, Silas Mentos Nangolo, Tutaleni Ilonga, Kondjashili Shaimemanya

Group Picture Windhoek© Bethlehem Anteneh