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Lagos, Nigeria
#This is Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria
© Babatunde Olajide Unsplash

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By playing this game, you will get to learn all about the beauty of Lagos which encompasses its rich history and potential, as well as its struggles with overcrowding and traffic.

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Known worldwide for its rich history, culture and spirited population, Lagos is the fastest growing city on the African continent. The megacity is regarded as one of Africa’s major economies and also ranks among the world’s most resilient cities, despite having a population of about 20 million.

Moses Ayantunde ©Moses Ayantunde Ideally, a city with a population that large requires adequate infrastructure; unfortunately, Lagos lacks a suitable mass transit system to handle the multitude travelling in and out of it daily. According to Moses Ayantunde from the Enter Africa team in Lagos, the overcrowding of public amenities has far-reaching consequences, “the population adds this strain on the environment which leads to environmental pollution and unbearable traffic”. Ayantunde adds, “Traffic in Lagos is horrible! You can stay in a particular position for two hours without movement. And all of these problems are due to the population – there are too many people and so little infrastructure”.


The initial plan for Team Lagos was to create a game that raised awareness about traffic, especially when they noticed how many people were ignoring basic traffic rules – stop signs and traffic lights were disregarded and very few people used the pedestrian bridges built to ease traffic congestion. When the team was scouting the city for ideas, they realized that no one used the pedestrian bridge at Yaba until other pedestrians saw the team members using the hitherto deserted bridge. Therefore, the idea of creating a game which encourages a fresh mindset towards traffic in Lagos was born.


While traffic is still one of the main themes driving the game, “This is Lagos”, players also have the opportunity to learn more about the megacity. By visiting places like Victoria Island, Yaba, Surulere and Ikeja, players will experience Lagos from various angles and leave with a renewed understanding of its people and its landmarks. Team Lagos hopes to create a thrilling experience for players by combining elements of traffic, tourism, history and culture.

The Team from Lagos

Aike Akhigbe, Oyindamola Fakeye, Uchenna Gilbert Okiya,Olorunfemi Adedeji, Chukwuemeka Dumebi, Adefoyeke Ajao, Ayankunle Moses Ayantutunde, Olajide Akoni, Olorunfemi Adedeji
The Team from Lagos© Enter Africa Lagos