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Enter Africa© Brook Getachew

15 Location-Based Games
Gamify Your City Future!

What does the future of your city look like? And who determines the parameters for change?

For the last year, interdisciplinary teams in 15 African countries thought about their own visions for their cities and turned them into game experiences. Playable on mobile phones, 15 location-based games have been created. They are made for everybody interested to actively anticipate and engage with their cities’ transformation and to get to know their city from a new perspective.

Get inspired in creative hubs in Kampala. Restore the power of communication in Yaounde. Defeat dangers for the environment in Accra. While exploring the cities and interacting with other people, you tackle the challenges and find creative solutions in a playful way.

The games have been created by interdisciplinary teams in several game labs, guided and supported by gamification experts Christoph Deeg and Roman Rackwitz as well as the experience/game designers Bethlehem Anteneh and Dagmawi Bedilu.

The location-based games will be launched son 10 August 2019. On this page, we introduce the teams and their stories and direct you via QR-codes directly to the games. Visit the 15 cities and follow the development of their playful solutions to everyday challenges!

Download the App, use the App to scan the QR-codes of the games and start to play!

Download the Enter Africa App here:

Find the QR-codes under the following pages or here.