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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam
© K15 Photos on Unsplash

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Breaking deadlocked ways of thinking, overcoming your fears, unfolding your potential, "unleashing" yourself. Complete numerous tasks, get to know Dar es Salaam and experience what is true for the youth of Tanzania: You have to stand up and create opportunities in order to achieve something.

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Of the approximately 50 million Tanzanians, almost half is under 15 years old – a statistic which mirrors the demographic situations in most African countries. According to Rahma Suleymane, member of the Enter Africa team in Dar Es Salaam, there is a lot of potential in these young people, but not enough opportunities.

Rahma Suleiman Jumanne © Rahma Suleiman Jumanne “Youth engagement is a very big issue in Tanzania. A lot of people think that young people cannot do things. Which is really not realistic – because even if you are young, there is a very high possibility for you to do things than other people
who are older” says Rahma. 


Therefore, the name of the location-based game from Dar Es Salaam perfectly describes what it aims to  [Unleash Poster] do: “Unleash”! Players have to overcome certain tasks in different locations, helping them to challenge their notions of not amounting to much and unleashing their inner potential. For example, in one place you will have to overcome fear by finishing a list of taskswhereas in another place it is about a fixed mindset, where you will be challenged to have an open mind and a positive attitude.

Why should I play unleash?

By doing all of this, you will learn a lot about the city of Dar Es Salaam itself but also about broader issues that Tanzanians are facing. From the famous Askari monument to topics such as resources and the environment, after playing Unleash one truly will have learned a lot about the city also known as “the House of Peace”. Finally, you don't only learn practical information, you also grow as a person.

“We try to teach player that for change to happen, you need a positive attitude – that’s when we try to remove the fixed mindset. In the whole game, you need to overcome tasks and this will automatically help you to unleash your inner potential. You will be challenged to create opportunities for yourself, for example in Kisutu Market you will have to sell something – that means you are creating resources for yourself. Also, determination and commitment are big parts of the game. You will learn that you need to commit yourself to achieve something.”

The Team from Dar es Salaam

Shakila Mpomo, Christine Gimonge, Alfred Mote, Rahma Seleman Jumanne, Frank John Magulyati, Mussa Awadh, Hasheem Kareem, Haroun Mafuru, Enrica John
Team Dar es Salaam© Rahma Seleman Jumanne