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Enter Africa

Adefoyeke Ajao © Adefoyeke Ajao

Adefoyeke Ajao

Profession: Journalist
Expertise: Arts
Contact: foyeke.ajao@gmail.com

Aike Akhigbe © Enter Africa

Aike Akhigbe

Profession: Architect
Expertise: Architecture, Event & Exhibition Design, Marketing
Contact: Aikenosi.a@gmail.com

Akere Bashir Kola © Akere Bashir Kola

Akere Bashir Kola

Profession: 3D Generalist
Expertise: Content Development
Contact: akerebashir@gmail.com

Ayankunle Moses Ayantunde © Ayankunle Moses Ayantunde

Ayankunle Moses Ayantunde

Profession: Student, Percussionist
Expertise: Culture, Arts
Contact: kunlemosest@gmail.com

Chukwuemeka Dumebi © Chukwuemeka Dumebi

Chukwuemeka Dumebi

Profession: Web Developer
Expertise: Information Technology
Contact: chukwuemekadumebi2014@gmail.com

Olajide Akoni © Olajide Akoni

Olajide Akoni

Profession: Children's Book Author, Writer
Expertise: Media, Edutainment
Contact: olajideakoni@gmail.com

Olanrewaju Atanda © Enter Africa

Olanrewaju Atanda

Profession: IT Solutions Developer
Expertise: Software
Contact: ooduque@gmail.com

Olorunfemi Adedeji © Olorunfemi Adedeji

Olorunfemi Adedeji

Profession: Digital Media Producer
Expertise: Content Development, New Media
Contact: adedeji.femi@gmail.comteam@newmedia.ng

Oyindamola Fakeye © Enter Africa

Oyindamola Fakeye

Profession: Learning and Participation Producer
Expertise: Arts, Health
Contact: oyindaf@gmail.com

Princess Adams © Princess Adams

Princess Adams

Profession: Programmer
Expertise: Software, Digital Media
Contact: princess.m.adams@gmail.com

Uchenna Gilbert Okiya © Uchenna Gilbert Okiya

Uchenna Gilbert Okiya

Profession: Game Designer
Expertise: Gamification, Augmented Reality
Contact: gbosaman@gmail.com