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Enter Africa – Gamify your City-Future!
What does the future of your city look like?

Can gaming and gamification enable new forms of participation? Are game mechanics a useful tool for designing future scenarios for our cities? And how should the processes be designed? 
About the project

Enter Africa Logo© Enter Africa

15 Countries, 15 Visions, 15 Games

In several Game Labs, interdisciplinary teams in 15 African countries are developing games that focus on the future of their cities.

What ideas do young Africans have for their mega cities? Visit the 15 interdisciplinary gaming teams directly on site and accompany the development of playful answers to everyday challenges.


The future of our world is already being decided today in the big cities. An example of this is the Sub-Saharan Africa. Approximately 18 new megacities are expected to develop here by 2025. But who shapes the challenges for infrastructure, resources, culture? What tools are available to involve as many people as possible in the transformation process?
With Enter Africa, the Goethe-Institut provides information on analogue and digital game development in order to actively anticipate and plan transformation processes. Young teams of architects, urban planners, engineers, IT experts and cultural designers are thus developing ideas for their city in 15 major African cities. The various ideas finally lead to a transnational digital game about future scenarios of African cities. 
Enter Africa will be presented in August 2019 at the Gamescom in Cologne, the largest European games fair. 

Participating Institutions

Project Partners

Christoph Deeg © Christoph Deeg

Christoph Deeg

Consultant in project development, game and gamification design, digital-analogue overall strategy and community development

Roman Rackwitz© Roman Rackwitz

Roman Rackwitz

Advisor in Game and Gamification Design and Community Development


Dr. Julia Sattler ( IL) © Goethe-Institut

Project Manager
Dr. Julia Sattler

Goethe-Institut Addis Abeba
Tel. +251 11 1242345

Project Manager
Stefanie Kastner

Goethe-Institut Johannesburg
Tel.: +27 11 4423232


Bethlehem Anteneh © Bethlehem Anteneh

Project Coordinator
Bethlehem Anteneh

Goethe-Institut Addis Abeba
Tel. +251 11 1242345

Dagmawi Bedilu © Dagmawi Bedilu

Project Coordinator
Dagmawi Bedilu

Goethe-Institut Addis Abeba
Tel. +251 11 1242345

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