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Enter Africa
Can Games Make a better Future?

We are convinced they can! And that is what the project Enter Africa is all about. It encourages young people in Sub-Saharan Africa to use game thinking as a tool to address everyday challenges.


A creative African network

Enter Africa is a creative African network represented in 15 African countries, initiated by 15 Goethe-Instituts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Interdisciplinary teams including architects, urban planners, IT experts and artists in 15 African cities came together to develop 15 location-based games for smartphones and one analogue mega-game, thereby addressing challenges of urban transformation, borderlessness and Africa's past, present and future.

This process has generated a network of creative, innovative, young professionals across the African continent – the Enter Africa Community. Together, we use games and game thinking to realize our visions for Africa’s future.

Enter Africa involves many partners – game design and gamification experts and organizations from different African countries as well as Europe.

The location-based games and the megagame had been launched in August 2019 and had been showcased on different occasions across the African continent and the gaming fairs A Maze and Gamescom in Germany. All games are available on our homepage!

Location-Based Games Banner © Brook Getachew

Location-Based Games

Interdisciplinary teams including architects, urban planners, IT experts and artists in 15 African cities create location-based games – playable on mobile phones. The games anticipate our cities’ transformation processes and envision future scenarios: Which challenges for infrastructure, culture and the environment emerge? How can they be experienced and solved in a playful way?

Busara © Steven Tu

The Megagame

Out of these 15 visions, the teams identify joint topics for Sub-Saharan Africa - and create one analogue African game with a focus on borderlessness and the promotion of African cultures.

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Enter Africa @rpAccra © Goethe-Institut, Music: © Steerner & Kavela ft. Matthew Steeper - Horizon [Proximity Release]

Enter Africa @rpAccra

Our team from Ghana was part of the re:publica, which took place for the first time on the African continent this year. The team presented and tested their location-based game as well as the megagame with visitors and captured their experiences in this short film.