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Bridging borders through airwaves
Radio Bridge

Radiobrücke Riga 2022© RadioEins © Goethe-Institut

Riga 2022

Radio Bridge live from Riga

Naples Radio Bridge

Naples 2019

Radio Bridge live from Naples

Radio Bridge 2018 USA © RadioEins © Goethe-Institut

USA 2018

Radio Bridge live from New York and San Francisco

Radio Bridge Warsaw © RadioEins © Goethe-Institut

Warsaw 2017

Radio Bridge from Poland’s creative capital

Radio Bridge Istanbul 2016 © RadioEins © Goethe-Institut

Istanbul 2016

Radio Bridge live from the Bosporos

Radio Bridge Athens 2015 © RadioEins © Goethe-Institut

Athens 2015

Radio Bridge from the Greek metropolis

The Radio Bridge, which is produced with radioeins from rbb (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg), is one of the most successful cooperation projects between the Film, Television and Radio Department of the Goethe-Institut Head Office and a Goethe-Institut abroad.

The interviews, features and reports can be received in the rbb region via FM and can also be streamed via www.radioeins.de. Furthermore, audio, pictures and videos of the radio bridge are regularly published on the social media channels and websites of the Goethe-Institut and radioeins.


Katrin Figge
Tel.: +49 89 15921 002

Elisabeth Schwiontek
Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
Tel.: +49 30 97993 12111