International Coproduction Fund

  • International Co-Production Fund © Synaesthesik (Ginna Mora)
  • Common Ground[s] © Abdoul Mujyambere
    Common Ground[s]
  • A pit to the mountain © Feng Yuehong 冯跃红
    A pit to the mountain
  • Is this a human? © Michael Wolke
    Is this a human?
  • Jua Kali © Julian Manjahi Njoroge
    Jua Kali
  • If we vanish © Frithjof Heinrich
    If we vanish
  • Fieldlines © RC Photography

International Coproduction Fund

nternational coproductions epitomize a form of artistic collaboration involving partnership and dialogue. With a view to encouraging new collaborative working processes and innovative productions involving international cultural exchange, the Goethe-Institut set up a new coproduction fund in the summer of 2016 to promote new working networks and approaches within a global context and to explore new forms of intercultural collaboration.

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International Coproduction Fund