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  • International Co-Production Fund © Synaesthesik (Ginna Mora)
  • Common Ground[s] © Abdoul Mujyambere
    Common Ground[s]
  • A pit to the mountain © Feng Yuehong 冯跃红
    A pit to the mountain
  • Is this a human? © Michael Wolke
    Is this a human?
  • Jua Kali © Julian Manjahi Njoroge
    Jua Kali
  • If we vanish © Frithjof Heinrich
    If we vanish
  • Fieldlines © RC Photography

International coproductions epitomize a form of artistic collaboration involving partnership and dialogue. With a view to encouraging new collaborative working processes and innovative productions involving international cultural exchange, the Goethe-Institut set up a new coproduction fund in the summer of 2016 to promote new working networks and approaches within a global context and to explore new forms of intercultural collaboration.

This funding is intended for coproductions by artists in the fields of theatre, dance, music and performance art, in which hybrid and interdisciplinary formats and the use of digital media may be key components. The target group comprises professional artists and ensembles abroad and in Germany, which demonstrably lack sufficient resources to realize their coproduction project on their own.
With the International Coproduction Fund the Goethe-Institut would like to support the unrestricted international and intercultural exchange of artists and their ideas. The facilitation of such an exchange and the networking it spawns among the various players are equally as important as the productions resulting from the project.
The joint application, which must be submitted by the foreign partner (living and working abroad), must show clearly that good working contacts already exist between the partners and that both parties are interested in putting together a dialogue-oriented production. As part of the application, it is expected to contact the local Goethe-Institut before submitting the project. The local Goethe-Institut can also assist with questions regarding the development of the application.
The International Coproduction Fund promotes projects of a high artistic calibre and with considerable public impact. The results of the collaborative efforts are to be presented in a professional setting abroad, if possible also in Germany. An application should include a feasible financial plan which, in addition to third-party funding, should show the substantial contributions of all the project partners involved. The amount of funding requested should not exceed €25,000. 
Projects between German and non-European partners, in particular from transition countries, are preferred.

The project partners have the task of doing active, broad-based public-relations work, in which the support from the Goethe Institut's International Coproduction Fund should always be mentioned. Both partners should pay close attention to documenting the progress of the project with photos, videos, press reports and other modes of display, in order to facilitate a presentation of the project on the website of the International Coproduction Fund.
The Goethe-Institut’s Culture Department is responsible for administering the International Coproduction Fund. The employees of the music and theatre/dance departments carefully examine all the applications received both on their formal criteria, as well as on their compliance with the objectives or award criteria of the International Coproduction Fund. Then, after the end of the application period, the applications that have been accepted will be submitted to an independent expert committee. The five-member jury consists of alternating representatives of the advisory boards of the Goethe-Institut, international experts and a representative of the Goethe-Institut abroad.


The open call is now closed. The next application round is yet to be confirmed. Please keep yourself informed via this website.

Award criteria

  • The projects submitted should embrace only the performing arts (no outright film or exhibition projects)
  • Expected artistic quality of the project
  • Relevance of the participating artists in their respective scenes
  • Budget indicating project partners’ own contributions / third party funds and a solid financial plan
  • A balanced project partnership based on the artistic collaboration, not dominated by one partner
  • Realisation of at least one performance outside Germany, if possible also one in Germany
  • Projects between German and non-European partners, especially from transition countries, will be preferred (applications from Austria and Switzerland cannot be considered)
  • Applications for guest performance funding are not valid
  • The project duration has to be within 24 months
The next application deadline is April 21, 2022 at 12:00 PM (CET – Time in Germany). The online application form is now available.

General information

Applications to the International Coproduction Fund are made by electronic means using an online form. The application form is only available in English and applications can only be submitted in English.
This blank application form will give you an overview of the structure of the online form. This manual for the application form gives you information on the fields to be completed and the documents to be submitted. Please read the information thoroughly before you complete an application. We draw your attention to the applicable Data Protection.

Further information
    Template Finance Plan (Excel Download)
  • Who can submit the application or who is the first coproducer?                   
The applicant and/or 1st coproducer is the foreign partner who does not have his home and work in Germany. He/she is the main contact person for the project, as well as the contractual partner with the local Goethe-Institut abroad and, in principle, also the administrator of the grant. The applicant can be both a private person as well as a legal entity.
  • Who is the 2nd coproducer? Can other coproducers be involved?          
Coproduction funding requires at least two partners to cooperate with each other. It also requires a coproduction partner from abroad (1st coproducer) cooperating with a partner in Germany. The partner in Germany is the 2nd coproducer in the application. On the application form, up to two other coproducers (four in total) can be entered. A joint artistic development of the project is mandatory, therefore no guest performances, tours or festival participation will be funded.

Third and other coproducers are not compulsory for the funding of the coproduction, but they increase the chances of being awarded the grant. The definition of a coproducer is deliberately broad. What is decisive is that he/she makes a substantial contribution to the production.
  • Where and how often should the production be shown?                             
The production should be shown at least once abroad, preferably in the production country. Performances in Germany are not obligatory. Productions shown in at least two countries are given priority.
  • What is not funded by the International Coproduction Fund? 
The Coproduction Fund does not support commercially oriented projects and does not support ongoing operating costs. Outright film productions and exhibitions without a performing approach are also not funded. The Coproduction Fund is geared to the performing arts.

Guest performances can avail themselves of other sponsorship opportunities provided by the Goethe-Institut.
  • How can I increase the chances of funding our project?                                       
Mainly by respecting the basic conditions for the approval of a grant: through active cooperation between the partners in the development and realisation of the project, the guarantee of co-financing (third party and one’s own funds), as well as transparent cost planning. It is also advantageous if the topic is time-related or of social relevance or if interdisciplinary work takes place. Incomplete and late applications cannot be considered.       
A clarifying discussion with the responsible Goethe-Institut in your country before the application is submitted can also increase the chances of obtaining funding for the project.
  • Can the Goethe-Institut help me find a project partner?                           
The creation of contacts between future project partners is not the task of the Fund. The actual players involved in the project should take the initiative. On the website of the Goethe-Institut you will find information on the German scene as well as on projects that have already been funded. Another way to find a project partner is to get in touch with the local Goethe-Institut.
  • What are the various procedures of the application process?                          
The application form is available on the website two months prior to the respective application deadline. The project proposals are then submitted to the next meeting of the jury. Two jury sessions take place each year. The results are communicated per Email approximately three months after the application deadline.

For any communication about the proposals, please provide the APPLICATION NUMBER.

Next Application Deadline

The open call is now closed. The next application round is yet to be confirmed. Please keep yourself informed through this website.
For questions concerning current or previous applications, please indicate your application number in all communication with us.
Keep in mind that the results of each funding round will be communicated to the applicants by e-mail approximately three months after each application deadline.

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