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Touring green: amateur and youth ensembles

Music and sustainability: Performing and collaborating together with ensembles, choirs, orchestras and musicians in other European countries, getting to know each other better, exchanging ideas and committing to sustainability – that’s the aim of the TOURING GREEN project funding programme.

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Conditions of Funding

Amateur and youth ensembles whose practice is located in Germany and who are committed to climate protection and want to make their music tours sustainable and carbon-neutral.

We promote sustainable and resource-efficient music-related travel within Europe with a lump sum to cover all costs incurred, such as train tickets, accommodation, food, technical equipment and gear as well as an additional grant for organisational work and communications.

The funding amounts to €25 per day per active participant. Plus an additional lump sum of €1,000 for planning, communication and media work.

The following are excluded from funding: Travels to German-speaking countries abroad, tours involving concerts only, benefit projects, travel of a tourist nature, folklore events, commercially organised projects, projects with the aim of disseminating party-political, religious or ideological content.

  • High musical quality of the applying ensemble
  • The focus of the journey should be sustainability and musical exchange with local collaborators.
  • No travel by air
  • Duration of tour a minimum of five and a maximum of ten days

  • Sustainability concept for travel and stay on site
  • In order to continuously improve our funding offer, we ask for the submission of a carbon footprint report after completion of the trip. The following CO2 calculators are optionally available for this purpose (please note that we cannot assume any liability for the content of external pages):
  • Meaningful project description and brief summary thereof
  • If possible, a concrete description of the planned itinerary, the expected travel period and duration, the places, institutions, ensembles, etc. to be visited.
  • Information on musical partnerships in the target countries  
  • List of participants
  • After implementation: travel documentation and final report on the experiences made
  • Participation in the evaluation of the funding programme

Measures that have already begun, that is projects for which bookings (e.g., for trains) have already been made, cannot generally be funded. Before you make binding bookings, it is therefore necessary to apply informally for the so-called early start of the measure. The awarding of the early start of the measure is not equivalent to a binding funding commitment.

The tour must have been fully completed by 31.12.2024 at the latest.

Please take note of our privacy policy.

Next application deadline

You can submit your application for a tour at any time.
Applications should be submitted at least three months before the start of the project.

The tour must have been fully completed by 31.12.2024 at the latest.


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Further information

Sustainability and inclusion

Making music projects sustainable is a high priority for us. So we’d be glad to advise you on ways to minimize your project’s carbon footprint.

Another high priority is to help people with disabilities take part in arts and culture.

If you have any questions in this regard or need assistance with the application process, feel free to contact us.

Recommendations for climate- and resource-friendly travel in the Music Division funding programmes:​​​​​​​

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