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IDO 2020 Werbebanner © Goethe-Institut

IDO 2020

The Internationale Deutscholympiade, the world’s biggest German language contest, will be held this year from 3–7 August in an innovative virtual format with ample opportunity for participants to get acquainted online. This year’s motto is "Be there! – The IDO comes to you." More than 120 high school students from over 60 countries will be meeting up online for this year’s finals, to compete in the finals in their favorite foreign language.

The winners of the IDO 2020

  • Eban Ebssa Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    1st prize (A2) / Eban Ebssa (USA)
  • Duc Nguyen Minh Le Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    2nd prize (A2) / Duc Nguyen Minh Le (Vietnam)
  • Vanesa Ramja Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    3rd prize (A2) / Vanesa Ramja (Albanien)
  • 1st prize (B1) / Zih-An Wang (Taiwan) Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    1st prize (B1) / Zih-An Wang (Taiwan)
  • 2. prize (B1) / Samantha Romija (Neuseeland) Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    2. prize (B1) / Samantha Romija (Neuseeland)
  • 3rd prize (B1) / Stephane Pajaniradja (Frankreich) Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    3rd prize (B1) / Stephane Pajaniradja (Frankreich)
  • Keta Kalandadze Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    1st prize (B2) / Keta Kalandadze (Georgien)
  • Kryvosheieva Daria Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    2nd prize (B2) / Kryvosheieva Daria (Ukraine)
  • Hannah Gilan Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    3rd prize ( B2) / Hannah Gilan (Slowakei)

Team assessment

Best team (Level B1)

  • Hana Sustrova Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    Hana Sustrova (Tschechische Republik)
  • Sophia Wang Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    Sophia Wang (Großbritannien)
  • Alhena Begards Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    Alhena Begards (Iltalien)
  • Juan Pablo Gómez Espíndola Foto (Ausschnitt) privat
    Juan Pablo Gómez Espíndola (Mexiko)

Impressions and videos

IDO 2020 Trailer Goethe-Institut

Impressions and videos

Click here for impressions and video material from the 2020 IDO from 3–7 August. We’ll be dropping the best impressions and excerpts here for you, which you can access anytime you like. 

Wettbewerbsbeitrag aus Tschechien Foto (Ausschnitt) privat

Contest tasks and solutions

Click here for a look at some of the contest tasks and our contestants’ creative solutions. (German version only)

Social Media

IDO Playlist

Our YouTube playlist will keep you up to date. Here you will find impressions from the programme, the competitions and recordings.

learn german

The Goethe-Institut German language channel supports the 2020 IDO with many impressions, shared pictures, videos and further information.

IDO Event

Our Facebook Event will keep you up to date with the latest news, photos, videos and live impressions of the 2020 IDO.


IDO 2020 Digital © Goethe-Institut

Here we go!

The IDO will be taking place online for the very first time, in an innovative digital format, from 3 to 7 August. In this section you’ll find out what experiences lie in store for you as a contestant this year. Click here for the programmes of the various time zones.

Teilnehmerin IDO 2020 photo (detail) © Goethe-Institut Georgien

We’ve made it!

Here are profiles of contestants from all over the world who’ve made it through their national qualifying rounds thanks to their excellent German skills and have come out on top. Other contestants from other countries are soon to follow. (Profiles in German version only)


Dresden as your guest

  • Frauenkirche church in Dresden Photo: Goethe-Institut / Ina Schoenenburg (Agentur Ostkreuz)
    Frauenkirche church in Dresden
  • Brühl’s Terrace architectural ensemble in Dresden Photo (detail): Goethe-Institut / Ina Schoenenburg (Agentur Ostkreuz)
    Brühl’s Terrace architectural ensemble in Dresden
  • Dresden International School (DIS). Photo: Goethe-Institut / Ina Schoenenburg (Agentur Ostkreuz)
    Dresden International School (DIS).
  • Dresden International School (DIS). Photo: Goethe-Institut / Ina Schoenenburg (Agentur Ostkreuz)
    Dresden International School (DIS).
  • Goethe-Institut Dresden. Photo: Goethe-Institut / Ina Schoenenburg (Agentur Ostkreuz)
    Goethe-Institut Dresden
  • Goethe-Institut Dresden Photo: Goethe-Institut / Ina Schoenenburg (Agentur Ostkreuz)
    Goethe-Institut Dresden


Teilnehmer*innen der Internationalen Deutscholympiade. Die Internationale Deutscholympiade findet unter dem Motto DABEI SEIN! vom 26.07 bis 08.08.2020 in Dresden statt. In den Sozialen Medien kann die IDO unter #DABEISEIN! oder unter #IDOdresden2020 erreicht werden Photo: Goethe-Institut / Andree Kaiser

who is eligible?

The winners of the national qualifying rounds in each country may take part in the finals, in which they’ll be competing online against the world's best young German learners in one of the three different levels of language proficiency. But the IDO is not just about language skills: it’s also about intercultural and interpersonal skills, about your ability to work in an international team.

Preliminary rounds IDO 2020 in USA Photo (detail): JaNae Contag © Goethe-Institut Chicago

The qualifying rounds are finished

In some countries they are still ongoing and will be concluded by the end of June. So immerse yourself in the run-up to the IDO and get an impression of the 2019/20 national qualifying contest in the participating countries and regions.

Team and partners

IDO Team 2020 Private photos © Goethe-Institut

Get to know our team

Any questions about the Internationale Deutscholympiade?
Write to us at: ido@goethe.de


Presse – Bilderservice Photo: Colourbox


In this section, members of the press and media can obtain press releases about the 2020 Internationale Deutscholympiade and request interviews.


A Look Back at the IDO 2018

IDO 2018 Filmstill Goethe-Institut

Impressions of IDO 2018 in Freiburg

Partners and Sponsors