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Visual Arts


8 photographers - 8 positions
Brexit - A Photo Project

Eight students from the Ostkreuz School for Photography express their position on Brexit and give an insight into everyday life in Manchester.

Education and Knowledge

Design and Fashion


Voices.Europe © Goethe Institut, Groupe Dejour

Music Project for Europe

The generation of people born around 1945, from England, France and Italy, are the ones being given a voice in our music and exchange project about the past, present, and future of Europe. The Russian-German composer Michael Langemann has created this Europe-wide musical dialogue for amateur singers and choirs, and other interested people. Voices.Europe can be experienced in both digital and analogue form, on social media and in person.

Europe Talks 2021 © Europe Talks

In cooperation with My Country Talks & The Mirror
Europe Talks 2021 - Was Brexit worth it?

Europe Talks invites people from all over Europe to engage in cross-border debates to tackle controversial topics such as immigration, the universal basic income and climate change. The project aims to use the power of conversation to create a space for dialogue and fight polarisation. For the 2021 edition we were hosting a discussion on Post-Brexit on our Seat #12 in our library.


Society and Current Affairs



Modern Life


Dance and Theatre


Weather Glass or Crystal Ball? © Goethe-Institut, LABLAB

Mapping the Weather in Arts & Science

The project is an interdisciplinary research in the region of North-West Europe. Through hackathons, artistic research and a concluding symposium it explores the questions of how weather and climate change are experienced and how we communicate about them.