This side of populism

Global Talks Illustration: Johanna Benz

In global conversations between Budapest, Cairo, Brasilia, Nairobi, Moscow, Hyderabad, Salzburg and Zurich we debate common narratives of populists in different countries: Has the “elite” really lost contact with the “people”? What does it really mean to take people’s fears seriously? What is hidden behind the phrase “You still have to be allowed to say that”?

Let’s discuss!

City life as we know it is over
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The experience of life in an autocratically governed country causes people to become cautious about restrictions [of basic democratic rights.]

Maria Stepanova

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  • Ausgedient © graphicrecording.cool

  • What next? graphicrecording.cool

  • Identitätspolitik graphicrecording.cool

  • Experience graphicrecording.cool

  • Family Disputes in Parliament graphicrecording.cool

  • Hope and Despair graphicrecording.cool

  • Poisonous bribe graphicrecording.cool

  • Ressentiment and its new heros graphicrecording.cool

  • Reality Check graphicrecording.cool

  • Reviving the past graphicrecording.cool

  • Liberalismus, Kapitalismus, Populismus? graphicrecording.cool

  • Früher war ja alles besser... graphicrecording.cool

  • The sanctity of the vote graphicrecording.cool

  • Democracy under pressure graphicrecording.cool

    Democracy under pressure

  • Makes sense...? graphicrecording.cool

  • Das Volk graphicrecording.cool

  • Überforderung graphicrecording.cool

  • Populismus graphicrecording.cool

  • Populism or Ethno-Nationalism graphicrecording.cool

  • Eliten graphicrecording.cool

  • Populismus graphicrecording.cool

  • Populismus graphicrecording.cool

  • Populismus graphicrecording.cool

  • Populismus graphicrecording.cool

  • Populismus graphicrecording.cool

  • Schaurig schön graphicrecording.cool

Our debate team

No discourse without debaters. From Kenya, to Hungary to Switzerland: Our panelists form a truly international debate team. Each and one has experienced populism within their home country. Here, together with you, they discuss some core questions, relating to populism. Each debater adding their very own perspective. Get to know them, and join the debate!

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