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We offer a comprehensive programme comprising authentic material, events for teachers and pupils and opportunities for professional development.

Current Projects

Over three days, “Latitude” presented artistic contributions and debates. Illustration: © EL BOUM

“Latitude” Festival Media Library
Messy, Painful, and Long Overdue

What role does the colonial era play in the cultures of remembrance in Namibia, Germany, or India and how does that era influence the present? Urvashi Butalia, Nelago Shilongoh, Mark Terkessidis, and René Aguigah discussed this at the “Latitude” festival. 

Das Logo des Projekts Earth Speakr © Olafur Eliasson

A participatory, Europe-wide work of art

Artwork created by Olafur Eliasson with his studio, kids, creative partners, researchers, and experts. The open-ended artwork will evolve over the course of 2020 with the active participation of kids across the EU.

Tell Me About Europe - Key-Visual in Pink © Groupe Dejour

Tell Me About Europe

Europe consists of many different stories – personal stories of people from different generations. Our project brings the memories of well-known Europeans alive and invites you to listen and join in the discussion.