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German courses

Learn German with the international market leader for German courses.

German exams

You can get your language skills certified by taking a Goethe-Institut exam.

Deutsch unterrichten

We offer a comprehensive programme comprising authentic material, events for teachers and pupils and opportunities for professional development.

Current Projects

International Emerging Voices © Goethe-Institut

The Goethe-Institut Programme with IFLA
Emerging International Voices

We are looking for young library advocates to share best-practice examples of libraries worldwide engaging with their digital communities. Apply to participate and become a part of an international network!

Tell me about Europe Collage (Detail): © privat/TEMPUS CORPORATE

New Issue "das goethe"
Tell me about Europe

The first issue of 2020 launches the fifth publication year of "das goethe". So it’s practically an anniversary issue, which, this time, is devoted entirely to Europe. Based on the project "Tell Me about Europe", in five interviews two generations talk about European lives, opinions, and ideals.

Latitude Festival © EL BOUM

Digital Latitude-Festival

The digital festival “Latitude” presented a programme with artistic contributions and debates. The focus was on the effect of existing colonial structures today and how they can be overcome. All recordings are now available online.