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Courses for Young Learners

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  • For learners between 8 and 17 years
  • Learning made fun
  • Relevant topics

Experience German with all of your senses and apply it in role play, interviews and project work. Our young learners’ courses offer exciting lessons with a variety of motivational exercises. All of the young learners’ courses, including the specific exam preparation courses for GCSE and A-Levels, take place in the blended learning format. This method is particularly effective.

All Course Formats

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Children's Course

For young learners aged 8-11.

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Blended Learning

Learn German together - weekly onsite group lessons, supplemented by online learning.

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Online Group Course

Experience German with all your senses and use it in role play, interviews and project work.

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GCSE Exam Preparation

Specific preparation for your exams

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A-Level Exam Preparation

Get a top grade with the optimal preparation

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Young Learners' Course

Passed your GCSE? Great! Then dive deeper into German with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

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