Film screening Stop-Zemlia

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Wed, 16.11.2022

17:00 - 20:30 GMT

Goethe-Institut Glasgow

EUNIC for Ukraine - European film week

Reception and opening

We are delighted, that the event will be opened by Yevhen Mankovskyi, acting Consul of Ukraine in Edinburgh.

Vernissage - painting and video art by artist Ayla Dmyterko.

Film screening - please book your free tickets via the Eventbrite link.

From the debutant Ukrainian director Kate Gornostai, a radical, authentic, and sensitive insight into the unsettling feeling of being young and an inside perspective on Ukrainian youth.


An introverted high-school girl Masha sees herself as an outsider unless she hangs around with Yana and Senia who share her non-conformist status. While she is trying to navigate through an intense time of the pre-graduation year, Masha falls in love that forces her to leave her comfort zone.

Director: Kate Gornostai
Year: 2021
Length: 122 min 
Language: Ukrainian with English subtitles
Age rating: 14+

Source: Takflix 

This project was made possible with the grant from the Culture of Solidarity-EUNIC Ukraine Fund, in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation and EUNIC with core financing led by the Goethe-Institut.