EUNIC for Ukraine – European film week

The words European Film Week are yellow and blue in a tie-die effect on a plain dark blue background. The writing is mirrored, so that it can be read normally and also turned on its head. The Logos of the partners are on a white banner below. The GIF switches every 4 seconds to a banner showing the film posters of the four films being screened in the European film week. © Gordon Orr

The EUNIC for Ukraine – European film week, orchestrated by the four EUNIC Scotland cluster institutes (Goethe-Institut Glasgow, Institut Français d’Ecosse, Alliance Française Glasgow and Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Edimburgo), is a sign of solidarity with the Ukraine.

Various film screenings are planned from the 16th to the 23rd of November at the different participating institutes. The films are intended to provide an insight into Ukrainian filmmaking by means of historical as well as contemporary works, feature films as well as documentaries, and thus raise awareness of social, political, but above all cultural aspects that reach beyond the current debate about the war, about humanitarian and purely military support for the European neighbouring country that was attacked in violation of international law.

This project was made possible with the grant from the Culture of Solidarity-EUNIC Ukraine Fund, in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation and EUNIC with core financing led by the Goethe-Institut.