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Festival Alur Bunyi

After a vibrant first and second year, Festival Alur Bunyi returns in 2024 with a fresh concept. Embracing the rich diversity of the local music scene, the festival puts various music genres onto one day event.

Festival Alur Bunyi 2024 © Goethe-Institut Indonesia / Each Other Company © Goethe-Institut Indonesia / Each Other Company

300 years after his birth
Immanuel Kant

On the 300th anniversary of his birth, Immanuel Kant will be celebrated in 2024 as a revolutionary thinker and one of the most prominent philosophers of the Enlightenment. But at the same time, his philosophical cosmos and persona will also be under critical scrutiny.

300 Years of Kant © Illustration by Antje Herzog © Illustration by Antje Herzog

100 years after his death
Franz Kafka

Why does Franz Kafka’s spell remain unbroken a hundred years after his death? Why do we still perceive Kafka as so modern and contemporary? Because Kafka wrote such beautiful letters? Because we love drama queens?

Franz Kafka © Illustration by Roberto Majan © Illustration by Roberto Majan

Berufliche Migration nach Deutschland

Sie sind ein Unternehmen, das Fachkräfte oder Auszubildende aus dem Ausland rekrutieren möchte? Sie planen ein Projekt mit privaten oder öffentlichen Partner*innen, um berufliche Migration zwischen Südostasien und Deutschland zu vereinfachen?

Visual: Kompetenzzentrum Südostasien für berufliche Migration nach Deutschland © Goethe-Institut


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