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Movements and Moments

is a comic about the life of Helen Quiñones Loaiza, a young feminist, educator and activist from Cusco, Peru. She has a radio program that hundreds of Quechua women listen to and that reaches the entire region once the cradle of the Inca Empire. Through her eyes we review the representation of Indigenous women throughout history. We see how Andean feminism has been changing from the experience of her mother, through herself, and leaves us wondering what the feminism of Azul, her daughter, will be like.

By Trilce Garcia Cosavalente and Helen Quiñones Loayza


Comic to download

Warmimasiy © Trilce Garcia Cosavalente and Helen Quiñones Loayza
Warmimasiy (Spanish - PDF 7MB)
Warmimasiy (Quechua - PDF 7MB)

Interview and Artists Bio