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Movements and Moments
Story of Sangsan: an Evening Rainbow

Wipaphan Wongsawang © Wipaphan Wongsawang

Wipaphan Wongsawang

is a founder of Thaiconsent.in.th and Consentconnection.org making the concept of gender justice accessible for everyone. A graduate in Visual Communication Design and now pursuing a Social Design master’s degree, she aims to use design methodology to bring awareness and solutions to make the world a better place. 

Supitcha Senarak © Supitcha Senarak

Supitcha Senarak

is an illustrator/graphic novel writer based in Bangkok. She loves using watercolors and crafting with small details. Her comic Dining by Incense Light won the 7 Books Award in the graphic novel genre in 2016. Besides being a comics professional, Supitcha is very aware of gender equality (especially concerning LGBTQ conditions), which is often reflected in her work.

Matcha Phorn-in © Matcha Phorn-in

Matcha Phorn-in

is the Executive Director of Sangsan Anakot Yaowachon, a civil society organization working with young people from marginalized communities, many of whom are indigenous in disaster-prone Thai villages at the border with Myanmar. She is from an ethnic minority and identifies as a lesbian feminist human-rights defender.

Artworks by artists

  • Wongsawang, Senarak and Phorn-in © Wongsawang, Senarak and Phorn-in
  • Wongsawang, Senarak and Phorn-in 2 © Wongsawang, Senarak and Phorn-in