Concert Alur Bunyi - A Fine Tuning Creation with Aryo Adhianto

Alur Bunyi - Fine Tuning Creation © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

13.09.2018 | 8 PM


Contemporary experimental music

A Fine Tuning Creation (AFTC) is a solo project by Aryo Adhianto, Jakarta’s electronics adventurist.
AFTC’s roots go back twenty years in many genres ranging from jazz, to pop and experimental music. Aryo Adhianto's deep involvement in the progressive and innovative Space System electronic ensemble, also in the culture-based initiatives such as ‘GAUNG: 21st Century Global Music Education’, ‘Rhythm Salad: A Bowl of Roots Music’, and ‘INTRASIA: Intra Arts of Indonesia’ was a critical factor in AFTC’s transition to the boldly creative and versatile musician / performer he is today.
Currently, A Fine Tuning Creation is preparing its mini album, ‘Musik Hidup’, coming out in November 2018 on Kid Onion Records consists of AFTC’s live performances in many occasions throughout 2016-2017. 


Aryo Adhianto : Keys, MIDI and Sampler
Anes Guo : Zhongruan and Guitar

Live Visuals: Pfadfinderei, Berlin

A self-taught musician, Aryo’s first instrument was the piano that he first started to learn to master at 8 years old. The first band he joined was an acid jazz band “EXID” in junior-high; in senior-high, the band changed its name to “Birumuda” and contributed to the thriving career of Indonesian singer Andien. Aryo’s adventures in electronics did not begin until he was in the final years of college. He formed the Space System in 2005; the band had an album released by a renown Scotland-based record label Optimo Music and was recognized by Mixmag (UK) magazine in 2009. During this period, Aryo continued to expand his knowledge on electronic music and traditional music from around the world. He has studied under and collaborated with Indonesian maestros such as Syekh Marzuki Hassan (Aceh), I Nyoman Astita (Bali), I Wayan Sadra (Bali/Java), Irwansyah Harahap (Suarasama, North Sumatra) as well as international musicians/composers, such as Stomu Yamash’ta (Japan), Jean Claude Eloy (France), Christie Smith (USA), Amy Knoles (E.A.R Unit, USA), and Prins Thomas (Norway).

In the series Alur Bunyi, the Goethe-Institut presents and discusses contemporary positions of experimental (not just) electronic music from Indonesia and Germany. This year's edition of Alur Bunyi is curated by Gerald Situmoran