Concert Alur Bunyi: Paronomasia

Alur Bunyi: Paronomasia © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

Live performance and stream on:
24.11.2021 | 7 PM

Online GoetheHaus

Jazz, experimental, and contemporary music

For the finale of its 2021 series, Alur Bunyi will hold its very first hybrid offline-online concert format. GoetheHaus Jakarta will welcome a live audience with limited seating due to the pandemic.

Alur Bunyi will focus on alternative practices in sonic creation when interacting with jazz.

Paronomasia is the result of a collaboration between Nesia Ardi and Indra Perkasa. The musicians explore sonic phrases, offering imaginative and diverse yet playful interpretations that still reflect today’s reality. In addition to Indra Perkasa’s reputation as a jazz musician, he dips into electronic music and explores new composition techniques using various instruments. For Indra, the blend of two musical disciplines lends a freshness to his work that challenges his listeners’ imagination.

Nesia Ardi is a multi-talented musician. Her experience in Indonesia’s jazz and pop ecosystem as a performer, teacher and arranger makes her highly adaptable in any musical situation.

This collaboration treats the audience to Nesia Ardi’s vocal prowess interacting and blending with the sounds of Indra Perkasa’s set up to create a one-of-a-kind musical piece.
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Lie Indra Perkasa

began his musical journey in middle school at the age of 12 when he joined the Mandarava Corps Marching Band as a baritone horn player. He has been involved in music ever since. He started his music studies at Institut Musik Daya Indonesia (IMDI) in 2001 and graduated in 2006 majoring in double bass.

Having found his roots in jazz music, he has been the bass player of Tomorrow People Bass Ensemble since its founding in 2005. A year after he graduated from IMDI, he continued his studies by concentrating on film scoring at UCLA Extension (Los Angeles), where he learned from various notable film composers, including Thom Sharp, Robert Drasnin, Richard Marvin, and Craig Stuart Garfinkle.

Indra has worked as an arranger and music director for various projects, including: “Aransemen Ulang Lagu Orisinil Dari Film Tiga Dara,” “My Little Pony – Rainbow Rocks” musical. As a producer/arranger, Indra has produced the albums and songs “Dari Balik Jendela” by Monita Tahalea and “Hiruplah Hidup” by Ananda Badudu. As a film scorer, he has worked on several feature films, among which are Tabula Rasa (2014), Labuan Hati (2017), Banda the Dark Forgotten Trail (2017), Lima (2018), The Returning (2018), Semesta (2018), 6.9 Detik (2019), Mudik (2019), and Bebas (2019). In 2021, Indra became involved in the Sound of X project, a Goethe-Institut initiated digital project that highlights video soundscapes created by artists and musicians. Collaborating with John Navid, Indra came up with Invisible Comfort, which captures the voices and noises of Jakarta. He is currently fully occupied as a film composer, music arranger, bass player for Tomorrow People Ensemble and Monita Tahalea while also managing to find time to teach film scoring at Sjuman School of Music.

Nesia Ardi

has continued to build her career in the music industry over the last decade as an experienced collaborator with a number of senior musicians, especially in jazz. Nial Djuliarso, Benny and Barry Likumahuwa, Indra Lesmana, Idang Rasjidi, Oele Pattiselano, EndahNRhesa, Vira Talisa, Mocca, Danilla Riyadi, Sri Hanuraga, Marcell Siahaan, Harvey Malaiholo, and Iwan Fals are just some of the artists with whom Nesia Ardi has worked.

Together with Nanin Wardhani, Rieke Astari, and Yasintha Pattiasina, she formed NonaRia to win the AMI Awards in 2018 in the Best Jazz Vocal category. She was a semi-finalist in the International Master Jam Festival 2016, and in the same year she received the Freedom Jazz Festival award as Artist of the Year. In her eight years as a vocal coach and vocal director, she was involved in projects with Harvey Malaiholo in the Indonesian Song Book Shadow Puppets featuring Harvey Malaiholo, Marcell Siahaan for the “This is Not Jazz” album, and Hezky Joe in the “100 Miliar” and “Melawan Takdir” singles.

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