Heinrich Böll Cottage

Heinrich Böll Cottage Heinrich Böll Cottage | © Ronan Halpin The Heinrich Böll Association offers residencies at the Heinrich Böll Cottage to artists of all disciplines, writers and composers. The cottage is usually made available for two-week residencies. The Residency at the Böll Cottage is designed to provide a secluded and private environment for writers and artists to do their work, a space where guests can be away from their usual environment and routine and can hence focus on the island as an area of cultural and artistic interest.

The Cottage is situated at the edge of Dugort village, Achill Island, Co. Mayo. Achill Island can be reached by public transport, but due to the remoteness of the village, access to a private car is an advantage when travelling to and exploring Achill Island.

The accommodation consists of two bedrooms, a kitchen and living room, two writing rooms and a studio space. The cottage has a telephone but no internet. The guest writers will be invited to visit schools or community organisations, or give public readings from their work during their stay at the cottage. In 2002 the Achill Heinrich Böll Association purchased the cottage from the Böll family to ensure its continued use as an artist’s residency. The residency programme is currently funded through revenue grants from Mayo County Council and The Arts Council of Ireland. This funding can cover costs of maintaining artists during their stay at the cottage.

Applications (by post only - no electronic submissions) must be received by the end of September for inclusion in the following year’s schedule.