Künstlerhaus Dortmund

Künstlerhaus Dortmund Künstlerhaus Dortmund | © Hannes Woidich International visual artists can apply for the "Artist-in-Residence" programme. Residencies always take place during summer, from mid July, and last from 4 to 6 weeks each.

The Künstlerhaus Dortmund arts centre is situated in the industrial harbor area of Dortmund (Ruhr area, North Rhine-Westphalia), only 15mins north of the city centre. The Künstlerhaus can be reached easily by foot or public transport.

The residency includes free accommodation (combined work and living area, communal kitchen and bathrooms), a studio space, travel expenses covered to and from Dortmund, a daily allowance of €10 towards the cost of living and, due to prior arrangement, acontribution to production and material costs of up to €500. A presentation by the artist towards the end of their stay in Dortmund is encouraged and will be supported with logistics and public relations in order to attract local interest.

The Künstlerhaus Dortmund has been used as a space for artists with studios and exhibitions for contemporary and experimental art since its inception as a self-organised association in 1983.
Originally built as a changing and wash house and operational building for the Westfalia mines in 1924, the structure later housed Dortmund’s University of Applied Science for Design. Later students occupied the building to implement its current self-organised and independent status.

Applications for the residency programme are accepted from 1st till 31 Oktober (post stamp).