Shawbrook Dance Residency

Shawbrook Residency © Shawbrook

Shawbrook Dance Residency

Shawbrook Dance is a residential space that awards 24 week residencies to international dance artists and artists related to dance projects like writers, composers or film makers.

Shawbrook publishes an Open Call via their website and social media platforms in late autumn. The directors and board members will select successful applicants. Artists at any stage of their career can apply. Shawbrook encourages artists to apply for projects that will be enhanced and enriched by the rural location and natural environment.

The residency provides access to 3 studios, 2 performance spaces indoor and outdoor, an outdoor fire seated area, the forest, meditation room, Summer House, sauna, laundry, catering if requested, accommodation in a fully equipped apartment, bedsit, dormitory that sleeps 5 and forest cabins. The Directors invite artists to share a fire night and meal on Thursday evenings, and if they wish to share their work before departure on Friday. Some of the residencies are funded by the Arts Council, but can also be privately funded. The residencies do not include travel or food.

Shawbrook Dance is based in former farm buildings and grounds in the countryside near Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford. Access to a car is of advantage due to the remoteness of Shawbrook. Transport to local bus/train stations is included in the residency.

The Shawbrook Dance Residency programme emerged from the Shawbrook School of Dance, which existed from 1984 to 2016. In addition to the week-long residencies, the dance centre offers annual summer schools for children and young people, and BROOKDANCE, a yearly summer dance intensive course for aspiring and professional dancers (18+).