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European Book Club

The European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) in Ireland are delighted to launch the new European Book Club season, a series of monthly discussions on a bestselling novel in English translation.

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The German School

A series of exhibitions by the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Städelschule Frankfurt and the Goethe-Institut Irland.

Eine Illustration von POC-Kindern mit Buchstaben, die das Wort DRIN bilden © EL BOUM

DRIN - Visions for Children's Literature

Children’s books shape the world view we grow up with. Does children’s literature in Germany, Finland and other (Northern) European countries today reflect the increasingly diverse societies in which we live, or does it make a growing proportion of the young population invisible?

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Emerging International Voices

They are young, they are bold and they are connected – and are they the future of our libraries. 19 emerging international voices discuss the role of digital libraries – and digital technologies in libraries – in their countries. Join the discussion and participate in a series of online seminars with the best experts in the field. 

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Podcast Hiberno Goethe

This Podcast dives into the many colours of arts, language and life across cultures. St. Pauli fan and former Düsseldorfer Ciarán Murray and his guests explore the connecting moments of German and Irish life.

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"Schnapsidee" & Co., "special German" words have their charm, but are often difficult to explain!
At the Goethe-Institut Irland we have made a selection of these words accessible to non-native speakers.

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Robots in Residence

The Dublin residency of the Goethe-Institut's NAO robot has now concluded, where Irish artist David Beattie and coder Niamh Donnelly explored the robot's potential to learn how to touch and how to move its hands. See more about their project and about the robot's tour through Europe at the link below.

Cover Picture of the Publication The children from Operation Shamrock with portraits of various persons (C) Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier

Operation Shamrock

The Goethe-Institut Irland is delighted to support the publication of “The Children from Operation Shamrock – Historical Context, Testimonies and Fictionalized Memory Fragments” by Monica Brandis.

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Deutschmobil 2019/20

BE THERE! Our "Deutschmobil" is back

Tour dates: October 2019 - June 2020

Buildings at night, among them the logo of the Goethe-Institut, the Irish National Opera and the Royal Irish Academy of Music © Goethe-Institut Irland/Fionn McCann

INO Studio Artists and RIAM Students: German Course at Goethe-Institut Irland

Irish National Opera, Royal Irish Academy of Music & Goethe-Institut have teamed up to create a new German language course designed specifically for aspiring opera singers and musicians.

Close up of young woman holding a printed page next to her face. © Mark Stedman

Future Libraries

Why do we speak about function(s) and the role(s) of libraries so much these days? Why are we afraid of losing this space?

Cover of the publication Traces of Resistance © Flaneur Magazine

Traces of Resistance

As part of Traces of Resistance, Fabian Saul will visit Dublin, Newry, Glasgow, Carlisle, and London to spot local traces of resistance in the urban environment and in the collective memory of its inhabitants.

Buildings and ship in Dublin © Goethe-Institut Irland


Freiraum deals with the concept of freedom, which has been of fundamental relevance to European cultural history and European self-understanding ever since the Enlightenment.

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Picture Politics

A joint project of several Goethe-Instituts bringing together comic artists and illustrators dealing with topics like immigration, stereotypes and prejudices, about foreignness.

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German Traces in Ireland

There are many places to be found in Ireland with connections to German people and stories. Discover them in „German traces in Ireland“.

Path in the Irish National War Memorial Gardens Park Goethe-Institut / Eugene Langan

Voices of Memory

Voices of Memory. A Riverside Sound Art Installation at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens by Christina Kubisch is a contemporary remembrance of the more than 49,000 Irish people who died in the First World War.